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We are Kelli + Kristen, also known as The Biz Runners.  

Our goal at The Biz Runners is to educate women on how to run their business efficiently and successfully..

We offer online business management for the overwhelmed entrepreneur and also train virtual assistants on how to best serve online entrepreneurs.   

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Kelli + Kristen are biz besties, runners, and, more importantly, the mastermind behind The Biz Runners.  Our goal at The Biz Runners is to educate female entrepreneurs on how to run their businesses efficiently and successfully.

We have both been in the online fitness world for many years now, and began our entrepreneurial journeys as fitness coaches.  While we are both still very passionate about fitness, and more specifically running, we also have a heart for helping others in the online business world.

Our journey together started when Kelli posted online that she was starting to offer virtual assistant services.  At the same time, I (Kristen) had been praying for some help in my own online business and was starting to think about hiring a VA.  Thank goodness God answers prayers and sent Kelli my way.  Kelli literally helped me transform my run coaching business in ways I never could have on my own.

Kelli also understood my knowledge of systems (something that helped her jump head first into my business and pick up the pieces I was missing), she started asking me questions she needed help with for her other clients.  As we began talking more + more, we began realizing neither of us could do our business without the other.  She needed my expertise in technology and systems, while I desperately needed her social media and admin experience.

And thus, The Biz Runners was born!  Now, we are helping women with our same passion for serving other women learn how to make this "dream job" possible, while also helping business owners run their businesses more efficiently through our dual expertise!

We would love to help YOU live our YOUR passions as well!  Feel free to email us at!