How to Get Inspired for What to Post on Social Media

A lot of the women we work with struggle with social media content. Not that they’re not any good at it - that’s far from true. But, many of them get to the point where they’re just not inspired by anything and have no idea what to post about.

So, they don’t.

If there’s one secret to social media it’s this: CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

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Kristen Van Horn
How to Plan Your Content

The biggest struggle we have - as well as the majority of our clients - is our content.

What to post.

When to post.

How to engage your audience.

Which platform is best.

Live versus stories versus posts.

The list goes on + on.

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Kristen Van Horn
Email Marketing: Numbers Don’t Lie!

In the first part of our Email Marketing series, we talked all about WHY you need your email list and how you should be utilizing it.

Miss the first part on What You Should Know About Email Marketing? Be sure to check it out first, then come back here! You NEED to understand why your list is so important and THEN you can better utilize the data!

Now that you know the WHY and HOW you should be utilizing your email list, let’s talk about how to OPTIMIZE your email list!

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Kristen Van Horn
What You Should Know About Email Marketing

As business owners, we spend A LOT of time trying to get in front of our audience. We want to try to grow our audience and many times, the best way to do that is through social media content.

However, you might be forgetting one very important tool that will help you get in front of your audience on a regular basis...


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Kristen Van Horn
Save Time + Increase Your Following on Social Media

I’ll be honest…

I was never really one to follow social media engagement or growth strategies. I just didn’t have the TIME. I mean, really, who does?! Who really has the time or energy to sit on social media day in and day out and engaging with 100s of people?!

But, y’all, it’s called “social media” for a REASON. You have GOT to be SOCIAL!

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Kristen Van Horn