How to Spring Clean Your Online Business

Yay, it’s the first day of Spring!  We’re still rockin’ frost here in the midwest, but will look forward to some warmer morning runs in the next month.

What better way to usher in the season than to spruce up your business!

This time of year, I like to go room by room throughout my house and fill bags of stuff I can donate to Goodwill. The kids’ toys, my winter sweaters I never seem to wear, and those kitchen gadgets I never used (strawberry huller anyone?)

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Kelli Tobin
Simplify Your Course Offerings

How many times have you felt STUCK in your business?

Or, how many times have you changed up your programs for it to work for you?

Because, hello, Entrepreneur ADD.  I feel like we are CONSTANTLY trying to change up what we are offering to our ideal clients and find something that works.

But, friends, we need to SIMPLIFY what we are offering.  Sometimes we bounce around so much that it leads those clients astray and they have no idea what we are going for, and then we lose them as a customer.

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Kristen Van Horn
Create Better Content {Weekly Themes Inside}

ou sit down to write content and you’re like, “Where do I even start?”  

“Do I make graphics first? Do I need graphics?”

“Should I change my font?”

“No, I like my font.”


“What do I say? Should I write it beforehand and schedule it? Or maybe post day of since I’ll get more of a reach?”  

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Kelli Tobin
Do Your REALLY Need to Have a Facebook Group?!

I’ve been in the online world for 8 years now.  I started as a blogger, and just a few years ago, dipped my toe in the online business world in order to try to monetize my social influence.

I’ve always known that I needed a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  But, when my business coach suggested starting a Facebook group, I was certainly skeptical.

I already had a Facebook Page for my business, did I really need a Facebook Group as well?

So, here’s the honest truth…

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Kristen Van Horn