Set Yourself Up for Success in Just 10 Minutes


Most of my good friends + colleagues know that I am all about planning, organizing, and systems! Seriously, I might be the only person on the planet who looks FORWARD to Sunday night because I can sit down with my planner. I just LOVE to have PLAN.

With all the life changes we’ve been going through recently, I’ve had to make some major shifts, not only in my routine, but it my mindset as well.  I had to figure how I could balance everything + set myself up for success every single day.

I came up with this simple 10 minute daily routine that has helped me set my day up for success, both in my schedule + routines, and with my mindset!  So, go find a blank notebook (or go to Target and find one that gets you excited) and start implementing this ASAP!

Turn off ALL electronics.  

This routine works best when you don’t have a ton of distractions.  So, make sure your phone is on Do Not Disturb + your computer is CLOSED.  It’s hard to turn off your kids, so try to do this when you are less likely to be interrupted.

Begin by writing down 3 of your goals.  

Try to pick one your want to accomplish in the next 30 days, one you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, and one you want to accomplish in the next 6 months to a year.  When you write these 3 goals down, write them AS IF they have already happened.

For example:

“I am so grateful that I am an Associate Market Mentor.”
“I am earning $5K per month in my businesses.”
“I am impacting over 1,000 people through my businesses.”

By writing them down AS IF they have already happened, you are getting myself in the mindset to actually help you embody what you need to do to accomplish those goals.

Just write.

After I write down my goals, I skip a line in my notebook and I finish by writing down the thoughts I am having at that moment.  I write until I fill up the rest of the page or more.  Some days, they are very simple thoughts. Other days, I get into really deep stuff.  However, these “morning pages” have helped me get a lot of what I tend to keep to myself and dwell on OUT so that I can focus on the things that I really need to, like my kids or achieving my goals.

Note:  Don’t keep ANYTHING in.  This routine is for YOUR EYES ONLY, so don’t be afraid to share those deep down thoughts.  You’re going to feel like you’re back in middle school, writing in your diary, but I can assure you, sometimes you just need to get those things out without fear of judgement from someone else.

Write down your schedule + EVERYTHING on your to-do list.  

I typically write down my schedule at the start of the week, but sometimes other things come up or I want to write down when I am going to work or clean the house the day of.  Then, write down EVERYTHING on your to-do list.  This is NOT what you plan to get done TODAY.  This is just everything that you know needs to get done in the next few days or week.  Or projects that you need to work on.  I write down all my client tasks + projects, as well as family + business projects as well.

From your to-do list, pick out your TOP 3 PRIORITIES for the day.  

These are the 3 things that you absolutely want to check off your to-do list today.  Maybe you know groceries HAVE to be done today, or you have a project due date looming that needs to get done.  Pick the 3 things that you know you CAN accomplish so you have that feeling of accomplishment when you check them off TODAY.

That’s it!  10 minutes tops!  It doesn’t take long, and it sets your day up for success.  It doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning either - I typically run + shower first, and even get the kids to school before I sit down and do it.  But, it obviously needs to be done in the morning to set your day + your mind on the right track!

I urge you to commit to doing this for at least 3 weeks - you might be surprised by just how great you feel!

Kristen Van Horn