Are You Ready to Work from Home? 3 Ways to Start as a virtual assistant today!

Gone are the days when if you were a stay at home mom, that was just what you did. You took care of the house, the kids, and tried to find a little time for yourself.

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But if you really liked working (when you did)?  Or do you have a talent or something you’re crazy passionate about but are looking for a way to showcase it or just do it?!  

I found that while I loved teaching, I didn’t love my long commute, high daycare bill or feeling exhausted 24/7 from my career.  So, when I quit my job in 2015, I immediately looked for ways to continue teaching on my own terms. And making extra money definitely helped.

Hello virtual assistant world!  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can do.  If you like to write, you could be a copy editor for an online business owner. Or answer emails. Maybe your strengths are in graphic design, and you can begin your VA job as an image curator (sounds fancy right?!). This has been the perfect for me to set and reach goals and still make money in my yoga pants.

So how do you start in this world?! Here’s 3 easy ways you can start TODAY:

1. Reach out to your friends/family with online businesses - Everyone needs help with their business whether online or stand alone store. And odds are, people you know who have been successful in growing their business are overwhelmed and overworked. Ask them if you can take over some online duties for them!  It can never hurt to ask.


2. Download some apps - Online business owners use a variety of apps for the business, and you’re going to need to be a quick learner. Start getting familiar with programs like Canva, Buffer, Trello and Voxer to be a step ahead.

3. Join the VA Training Program - Our VA training program is da bomb (but don’t believe us...check out our testimonials below).  We offer 4 weeks of training on how to get visible where your ideal client is visible, how to strategically market your services the right way, and how to land a job that helps you save for a vacation, buy that jacket you’ve been eyeing or put more money towards your kids’ college fund.

Kelli and Kristen helped me SO much in launching my own VA business! Within the week, I had landed my first client, and by the end of the course, I potentially have two more lined up. I am so excited to put everything I have learned into use and begin to change (and ease!) the lives of my clients! - Rachel K.

The Virtual Assistant Bootcamp is filled with information! I've learned so many different systems while training with Kelli and Kristen and I've refreshed my entire website and given it a new look using some of these tools.  I came in knowing very little about being a Virtual Assistant and I'm leaving the bootcamp having landed a VA job and with an abundance of knowledge ready to conquer the VA world! - Kristin W.

I had wanted to start a VA business for a while, but had no clue where to even start. The VA Training Bootcamp showed me the exact steps I needed to take and provided the direction that I needed! - Holly

Whatever your “why,” being a virtual assistant can fill in the gaps of where you need to use your strengths to help others. We’d love to have you in our program starting November 6th!  You can register today!


Kelli Tobin