When is it time to OUTSOURCE?!

Last February, I (Kristen) was in a huge slump in my business. I had been in business about 8 months and I was making a decent amount of income, but I just couldn’t get past $500 per month in my business.

Not only that, but I was feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I was working full time, coming home to my 2 kiddos at home, and trying to work my business at the same time. And I was getting ready to start coaching track in the coming weeks.

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While I was still working my business well, I was constantly forgetting to do something and just felt like I couldn’t keep up with my growing business. I was falling more and more behind and I wasn’t serving my clients the way that I wanted to.

I knew that if I wanted to continue to grow, to continue to serving my clients well, and to beat the overwhelm, I NEEDED to get help.

And God answered my prayers so perfectly! Just as I was thinking it was going to be hard to find someone who knew me, knew my brand, and could help me, Kelli posted that she was starting a new opportunity working as a Virtual Assistant!

I immediately messaged her and asked if she could handle another client. And thank goodness she felt like she could! I immediately got her trained and started her simply on just scheduling my social media posts. THAT’S IT.

(Side Note: I know most business owners feel like if they are already writing the content, they might as well schedule it too, but guys, I’m telling you, it was ONE LESS THING I had to worry about - and it seemed to always be the one thing I was doing at the last minute!)

And guess what happened the next month?! I TRIPLED my income! I went from consistent $500 months to $1,500 months - and I haven’t looked back since! And I feel like I can attribute that all from taking the leap and hiring someone on to help me!

So, when do you know it’s TIME to OUTSOURCE?

First, let me preface this by saying, you DO NOT need to be making a ton of money to outsource and hire a Virtual Assistant. I was only making $500 per month when I hired on Kelli. But, I KNEW that if I wanted to continue to grow my business, I had to do SOMETHING that was going to help me find more time in my day.

It’s TIME to OUTSOURCE when:

  1. You are feeling overwhelmed in your business
  2. You don’t feel like you have enough hours in your day to get everything done
  3. You have systems in place so you can tell your VA exactly what to do, when, how, etc.

Two things to take note of: I didn’t say anything about having to make a certain amount of money in your business OR about outsourcing something you don’t know how to do.

Kelli + I literally had not made a DIME in our business before we hired on our AMAZING VA. But, we were so overwhelmed just trying to launch, we knew that her help would get us that income we were looking for and could pay her. And sure enough, we were able to have 2 successful launches in just 2 months!

I am also a big believer in not outsourcing things you know nothing about. Sure, I ended up outsourcing some of my Facebook Ads, but then I had to go back and learn how to troubleshoot them on my own. (And now, it’s one of my favorite business tasks). Do NOT hire someone to do something you don’t know how to do yourself. Only outsource things you aren’t good at or don’t have time to do anymore that someone can do for you. Like I said, I didn’t have TIME to schedule, so Kelli could take that off my plate. Now, my VA does my scheduling, client intake, and will soon be doing my email as well. As one of my favorite mentors, Rachel McMichael, says, “Outsource your weaknesses, not your blind spots.”

Which brings me back to #3… Make sure you have your systems in place. If you don’t have a system for how to do something, even if it’s as simple as scheduling content, you’re going to be frustrated because your VA isn’t going to know your system (or lack thereof) either. You have to be able (and willing) to teach someone how things need to be done so they can do it for you. Otherwise, it’s just not going to work… (and I am speaking from experience…)

Ready to OUTSOURCE?! If you have a VA who needs some extra training, or if you are looking for a high quality VA who can take on some of your tasks, our VA Training Program is the perfect way to get you a Virtual Assistant who is PERFECT for your business! Our next program begins November 6th!**

Kristen Van Horn