How to Leverage Facebook Groups to Get Visible… and Get Clients

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I’ll admit it, I LOVE Facebook Ads! I’ve spent a lot of time learning them, and now that I feel like I have them figured out, I seriously can’t get enough of them and want to learn all the things about ads.

But, when you’re first starting out, whether as a business owner or a virtual assistant, ads just aren’t in the cards. So, how do you grow your business and get clients?

Here’s the other great thing about Facebook (besides ads): FACEBOOK GROUPS! By leveraging Facebook groups and hanging out in groups where your ideal client hangs out, you can get visible and start gaining leads and CLIENTS!

Here are 2 ways you can leverage Facebook Groups to get visible and start getting clients…


That sounds like it’s pretty easy, right? But, I don’t just want you to go stalk people in Facebook Groups (because, seriously, that’s creepy). Spend some time in Facebook groups commenting + liking various posts and adding your OWN value to the group. Find some groups that you know your ideal client is part of and comment on posts in the group. In addition, add some of your own value by asking questions or sharing information you know would resonate with the people in the group.

However, be warned that many groups have rules as to what + how you share. Be sure to read the group description to know the rules, and remember you are there to ADD VALUE, not to promote your services! While it’s absolutely OK to promote if someone asks in the group about a recommendation for a good virtual assistant or coach, try to avoid blatantly selling your services, as this is generally frowned upon in groups that you don’t personally run.


So, how often should you be showing up? DAILY. What we recommend to our Virtual Assistant Training Program trainees is setting a timer for 10-15 minutes and spending that time going to 5-10 groups, liking and commenting on posts, and sharing valuable information. The more consistent you are, the more eyes will be on YOU, and then when someone is looking for your specific service, they will think of YOU. And BOOM! There you have your first client!

Here are some Facebook groups we recommend as places to GET VISIBLE + LAND CLIENTS:

Kristen Van Horn