Organize Your Business with Batching & Trello

So, you’re ready to outsource… but, do you have your stuff in order?!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple clients, and the ones that have been the easiest to work for and have had the most success are the ones who know their systems inside + out.

What exactly do I mean by a system?  Basically, ANYTHING you do in your business needs to have some sort of system that you follow.  From creating your content, to scheduling your posts, to communicating with clients.  You need to know EXACTLY how it is done - ESPECIALLY if you are planning on hiring someone new to your team.  Without those systems, it’s going to be a rough transition for you + your new team member, and will leave you BOTH frustrated + even more overwhelmed.

Need help getting yourself organized + your systems in place?  Here are 3 tips to help you get your *schtuff* together:

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Make a list of EVERYTHING you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly (and maybe even quarterly or yearly) basis.  Start with the things you do daily, like answering emails, checking in on clients, and other various administrative tasks.  Then, move to things you do on a weekly basis.  For me, that’s creating content, checking my ads + funnel data, and updating things as needed.  Your monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks might look a little different, based on what your business needs.  For example, taxes would need to be done on a quarterly basis, but your income + expenses might be done on a monthly (or even weekly) basis.  Write it ALL out on a list so you know EVERYTHING it takes to make your business RUN.

Create a checklist of simple tasks that go with each item on the list.  Again, start with the things you do daily.  Obviously, checking + responding to emails might not have a checklist, but as you move to more weekly or monthly things, you’ll see that checklist grow a little bit.  For example, when I am creating content, I know I need to write everything out for the week, decide when I want to schedule it to post, create graphics + pictures for it, and then send it to my VA to schedule it.  Now, if I’m launching or creating a new ad or opt-in for the quarter, this checklist might be even longer and look a little different.  BUT, having that system is place - and written down - will help me be more productive in my day.

Create folders or “boards” to keep it ALL organized.  This has been HUGE for The Biz Runners business!  We are #TeamTrello and we have multiple boards + cards created that are color coded by person, task, etc. that helps not only keep us insanely organized, but on the same page as well.  This can also be done using Asana, which is more of a calendar view of everything that needs to get done and can be divided into tasks + subtasks, or using Google Drive.  I tend to combine Trello + Google Drive, having folders set up with all the information I need, and then all I have to do is share a link in Trello and wipe my hands clean.  I also LOVE color coding things (I’m a super visual + kinesthetic learner) so that I can easily see what needs to be done right away.

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I know this all seems like a lot and might be super time consuming at first.  But, once you systemize everything, your business will run SO much smoother, and you will be able to flawlessly add team members who will pick up where you need them to and make your business even MORE successful!


Tell Us:  Are you #TeamTrello or #TeamAsana?  What systems do you have in place?  How do you keep everything organized?

Kristen Van Horn