Do this ONE THING every night to be more productive

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I could go on and on about productivity and how I've come to figure out this work at home life balance with two toddlers, but there is one thing I do EVERY SINGLE DAY that has kept me organized and free from overwhelm when life throws me curve balls.

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Each night, before I go to bed, I get out my planner and write out my list of to-dos for the following day. Here's my system:

-Write down everything that needs to be done by the end of the week

-Star the 3 things I must do the next day

-Checkmark or cross off what I get done the next day

Here's why this works....

First of all, we all have a million to-dos (am I right?!). I could come up with a work schedule sitting down in my living room! The important thing is to set yourself up for success with a comprehensive list. And keep it set for the end of the week. Next, pay attention to what is time sensitive for the next day. Is a bill due that day? Does a blog post NEED to go up for a client by a certain time? Star those so you know to do those first. Lastly, check off what you get done because that sends a visual message that yes, we have accomplished something!

Then, we you blast through those checkmarks, you can do some things you haven't gotten to for months and feel really good about it! Or choose this time to relax!

There are days when I get through every single item on my list. BOOM! I feel amazing. But other days, my kids are going crazy, we have 3 errands to run outside the house, and I was up all night with the baby. On these days, you do the top 3 and you move on.

Writing down my to-do the night before helps me hit the ground running each morning so I can make the most of my time and working hours, and then spend time with my family.

What 1 thing can you do in your business to make yourself more productive?!

Kelli Tobin