3 Steps to Set Up Systems in Your Business

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One thing we get asked again and again is, "How do you get it all done?" Between myself and Kristen, we both work other online businesses, part-time and full time jobs, and have a two little kids at home.  We knew when we started that we had to have systems in place in our business for it to run the way we wanted it to. Because if you don't...your business will run you into the ground.

Maybe you've felt this way....

  • You're scrambling to keep up with your content the same day you post it 
  • You're overwhelmed in your business and don't know where to even start with a system
  • You can't keep up on emails or sending clients what they need on time
  • You don't even know where to start with your Facebook group, Facebook page or Instagram...post where? How much? When? 

The answer is not working longer or harder. You need to work smarter.  Enter SYSTEMS. 

We have systems in all areas of our business to take the guesswork out of our day to day tasks. We know exactly when when we create our content, how we repurpose it, how we onboard clients, when our blog posts go up and when we launch our programs. 

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Here are a few areas to consider setting up systems for in your biz:

  • Responding to emails
  • Client onboarding process
  • Creating weekly and monthly content
  • Writing and scheduling blog posts
  • Creating graphics 
  • Planning content for blogs or other marketing
  • Planning big projects and checking in with projects
  • Managing teams and team members

So where do you even start?  

Here's 3 steps to set up systems in your business (that won't stress you out!) 

Step 1: Identify the areas in your biz you do over and over. What tasks do you repeat regularly that could use some structure? Onboarding clients? Creating content? 

Step 2: Write out all the steps you take to get that task done.

Step 3: Organize the steps so they make sense. Think of things like: When will your blog posts be posted? Which days does it make sense for you to write content? When do you create the graphics for the week? This will make delegating tasks to a virtual assistant much easier because you'll have a system in place!

Bonus Tip - Pick a day to write content each week (we'll be posting about how to write a content calendar ahead of time soon!), and then how you can repurpose those into blog posts, Facebook Lives, and email campaigns. Look at your launch schedule for programs and products so you know when to post about it!

Creating systems for our biz has saved us tons of hours and has made it super easy to outsource most of what we do to our assistant.  If you want to learn more about batching, we talk about that HERE

Check out our video for creating content in our biz!  What systems do you have place that have helped your business?


Kelli Tobin