Simplifying Your Onboarding Process as a Virtual Assistant

One thing that has taken us for-ever to nail down as virtual assistants is our onboarding process. Basically, what does it look like from when a client contacts us to starting work on their projects. 

The onboarding process does not have to be daunting or overhwhelming! It just has to make sense for YOU and your business.

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Here's my top tips for streamlining your onboarding process and make sure to scroll down to DOWNLOAD your FREE Onboarding Process Checklist!

1. Figure Out How You Want to Connect With Potential Clients - Will you have a form on your website? Can they set up a FaceTime call with you or we've been using Acuity for our clients and chatting with them via Zoom.

2. Take Notes During Your Call - Make sure you write out their name, business, who their ideal client is and what areas of struggle they have in their business. This will help you refer back to after the initial call. I always like to have a few questions ready to ask them as well about their business and I make sure to explain to them how my business works and how working with me will go.

3. After the call - What comes next in working with you? How do you share files with one another? We love Google Drive because we find that it's user friendly and easy to get into. We also get the client on our task manager (Trello) so we can both see in one space how everything is going!

Important Reminders:

There's always something you don't think of or that you forgot would be important when establishing a working relationship with clients.

1. Outline deliverables in your contract - That way everyone knows the expectations of work

2. Have a contract in place - We Googled "contracts" and then deleted/added items to make sense for our biz

3. Get the contract signed - We recommend Dubsado or 17hats for electronic signatures but just starting out, you can upload the file to PDFescape and type in a signature, download it and send it back to the client.

4. Overcommunicate at first - Make sure the client feels confident in you, you answer all their questions and you respond within 24 hours to any needs they have right away. Remember, this is new to them to so keep them in the know on what's going on.

5. Be thankful - We try to show our excitement in our initial phone call with clients and send them friendly correspondence so they feel welcomed and comfortable working with us!

I hope this brief outline helped you as you start getting clients in the door. Once you understand your process, it will be smooth sailing moving forward!

I put these tips in a FREE download for you with a checklist to have on hand for each client phone call! Grab yours below!


Kelli Tobin