How to Land Clients Organically (without ads or posting in groups)

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So, you’ve started your virtual assistant business. You’ve taken our tips on how to leverage Facebook groups to get visible and land clients, but you are still WAITING to get your first client.

While I know in a perfect world we would all want the clients to come flocking to us, but in reality, that’s just not how it works.

I’m not saying that you won’t eventually have people knocking down your door to hire you on as their virtual assistant or business coach. But, when you’re just getting started, sometimes it takes a little bit more than just wishing + hoping + thinking + praying that your ideal client will just show up and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s the thing, it takes ONE SMALL THING to land your first client.


OK, I know that sounds crazy, especially since we just shared on getting visible in Facebook groups. But, honestly, neither of us got started by being in Facebook groups. We BOTH landed our first clients as a virtual assistant simply by ASKING them if they needed help.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but I know it’s also a super scary thing to do. No one wants to face rejection. But, seriously, if NO is the worst thing they can say to you, will you be OK with that? I seriously doubt anyone is going to be laughing in your face, telling you no way would they ever hire you (and if they do, you won’t want to be working for that person anyway). But, even if they DO say no, you’ve planted a seed. You’ve made yourself VISIBLE. And then, when they do need help, guess who they are going to think of?


So, here’s what I want you to do. Write down a list of business owners who you would LOVE to work with. No business owner is too grand for you to reach out to. It can be someone who is just getting started or someone who has a HUGE following. Send them an email or a message simply asking them if they need help and let them know what you specialize in.

If they say no, move on to the next one. I bet you pretty soon, you’ll have your first client! And that one client, if you do an amazing job, will be wanting to refer you to all of their friends - and soon you’ll have ALL the clients knocking at your door!

Who are you reaching out to today?!

Kristen Van Horn