Want To Become a Virtual Assistant???

I’ve had a lot of people comment or message me about being a VA.  They hear, “Make money from home,” and everybody jumps on the bandwagon.  If this is YOU, here’s what you need to think about:

1. Have a "Why" - Why do you want to be a VA?  Once you know what it entails or what a VA can do, you need to truly ask yourself why.  Is it for financial reasons? Is it so you can work from home to be with your kids?  Is it because you like admin tasks?  

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These are important because just like any other job, I believe to be successful long term, you have to love what you do and be hardworking, enthusiastic, and passionate about it.  So truly examine your Why this week.  

I can tell you....if you do not like social media or find it annoying, you’re probably not going to make a good VA.  Notice, I didn’t mention skills.  Anyone can be trained to do what a client needs, but not caring or not using social media would be a reason to just pack it up right now.

2. Build Relationships - You need to start marketing yourself and networking in Facebook groups and where online business owners hang out.  Start offering value in the group by reviewing someone's website.  "Like" and comment on posts.  You want biz owners to associate your name with someone who is "helpful, honest and supportive."   

3. Seek to Serve - You won't make it if you just want to make money.  Anyone can copy and paste and if you're out for the money, a biz owner will see that.  

We got into this to serve others. To offer our expertise and better others' businesses.  Yes, we need money to do all the things, but when you shift your mind to service over self, you will be successful, and business owners will be drawn to you. 

Start looking for ways to help others in the business, get visible on social media and know your 'WHY.' You're on your way to being a step above the rest.

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Kelli Tobin