Scaling Your Business On Your Own Terms

What do you do when your business is booming, but you're exhausted and can't keep up?!

What do you do when your business is booming, but you're exhausted and can't keep up?!

What do you do when your business is booming, but you're exhausted and can't keep up?!

We all want exploding growth in our businesses, but what would you do if it overwhelmed you?  What if you couldn't keep up with the demands?

We found ourselves in this position earlier this week.  Huge projects with 24 hr deadlines.  Last minute tasks to do.  Kristen and I hit our less than 1 month in business.

Yes, we want to grow.  We want to be business owner's go-to for tasks and projects, but we want to scale things at a rate we can keep up with.  We still want a life with our families at the end of the day, and to have a set "day off."  

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Here's my tips for breaking the social media model and setting your own terms for growth:

1. Have set "business hours" - Do not check your email all day!  Hire someone to filter through it and have it in your contract that you will respond in 24-48 hours.  

2. Have your client fill out an info form FIRST - Before you jump at the chance to do a last minute job for someone, have them fill out an information form (you can make an easy one in Google forms) where you ask simple questions of what they need. We found we took on jobs for clients who didn't know exactly what they wanted so there was a lot of confusion before we even started.  Which all led to more hours we worked to try to piece it all together. 

3. Don't follow the rules of social media - If you set yourself up to post 3x a day, go LIVE 2x a week, and do 3 blog posts a will probably burn out or not be able to keep up.  And then you'll have a hard time being any kind of consistent.  Post and go LIVE at a rate you can keep up with.  Do what you's your business!  If you offer value, your audience will not notice or care if you don't post 3x a day.

4. Turn Off Your Phone - If you don't have your phone on you, you can't respond immediately.  Nothing is so urgent that you have to drop your family or what you're doing to help a client.  Set this standard from the beginning of the contract so clients know what to expect.  Your time is valuable and if you want to keep your priorities straight, you will unplug occasionally.

5. Communicate - When you start working with a client, communicate from the get-go on when you work and when you're available.  If you aren't available on Saturdays, tell them that!  If they need a client to work for them on the weekends, then maybe they aren't your ideal client. Line up with clients whose ideals and goals line up with yours and you will each be respectful of one another's time.

I hope that your business is growing so much that it gets you excited to work and for your future goals.  But, I don't want your family, your self, and your life to suffer simply because you didn't scale it in a way in which you could keep up.  


Let us know if you need help setting boundaries in your business or scaling it appropriately.  It's often a trial and error thing.  Best of luck!!!


Kelli Tobin