How To Find Your Niche in Your Business

When I first started in the online world, I started as a fitness coach.  I held the monthly bootcamp, sold shakes to my friends, and posted non-stop to get people excited about fitness.  

And guess what?

Not only did I burn out by the hustle, but I wasn’t converting whom I thought I would convert.  I felt defeated and lost.  I loved being home with my kids and having a side business in the online world, but something didn’t feel right.

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Finding your niche in the online world can be so hard.  Melting together what you’re good at, what you love, and what there’s a need for is like the perfect trifecta storm.

You simply cannot be all things to all people.  So, if someone were to go to your Facebook Business Page or to your website, what would they immediately learn about what you offer? What would they like and connect with? What would they find value in?

Here is our top tips for finding your niche in the online space:

 1. Start with the Big Three

As I stated just above, write out the answers to these three questions:

  • What am I good at (ex. Automation, email campaigns, design)

  • What do I love (ex. Creating graphics, writing content, organization)

  • What is the market (ex. Is there a need for what you can do and like to do)

 2. Look at Your Influencers

Who is doing what you’re doing?  Who’s blogs or Facebook groups are you drawn to?  Why are you drawn to them?

 Do you have certain blogs you are consistently drawn to?  Why do you have those bookmarked?  

 Write down your blog influencers and who you feel most drawn to in Facebook groups and online.

 3. Brain Dump

What topics of interest could you post on based on your experience, knowledge and expertise?  Write everything and anything that comes to your mind that interests you.  Don’t hesitate, just write.

 4. Market Research

Now it’s time to see what the need is out there for what you do and what can you share. Look on Amazon for what books people are purchasing in those areas.  Check out top boards in Pinterest. Create polls in Facebook groups where your ideal clients hangs out and see what the response is.


5. Create a Catching Tagline

Pick out one of your brain dump topics that ranked high in your market research and create a post with a catching tagline. The wording should grab your audience’s attention and give them insight into what the blog or content is about. Share this with multiple groups and on your personal Facebook page.

6. Over Communicate

Share your 1 blog post or social media post to multiple pages, platforms, and over the course of several weeks. Share it in Pinterest several times in a month.  Go on Facebook Live about the topic and share value and tips/insights. Your audience will start to understand and value you in your niche if you consistently provide value to them in ways they can best receive it.

 7. BONUS TIP- Take Your Time

Remember, you may not know your area of genius or niche when you start out in the online world.  I didn’t.  Up until 11 months ago, I will still spinning my wheels in an online fitness world I didn’t really care about.  My passion is still there but the need was not.  My skills and personality traits as a business owner led me to the world of virtual assisting.  I could run a business with my strengths, get a paycheck each month, but not be pulling teeth with my own programs.  I could support others instead!  But I only found this via the first business that didn’t pan out.  So give yourself grace, keep moving forward, and find out what you’re really good at and want to do!


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Kelli Tobin