ONE THING you can do to simplify your content

Simplify Your System

We work with A LOT of business owners who come to us, completely overwhelmed and feeling like they simply cannot do it all.

I get it.  As a business owner, it’s soooo hard to be focused on ALL the things that need to be done and do it WELL.  Because, really, we want to see success and we know success means that we need to do things right.

Unfortunately, there is really no right or wrong way to do things.  You just need to find a system that works FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Here’s the deal…

You simply CANNOT overcomplicate things.

What we see most of the business owners we work with doing is trying to keep EVERYTHING they do separate, meaning they are creating all new material and content all. the. time. This leaves them completely overwhelmed and not able to handles all. the. tasks, thus, reaching out to us to help them.

You guys, there IS an easier way… and that’s just it.  You have to MAKE it easy.

I am all about not reinventing the wheel when I have perfectly good content.  So, instead of writing a blog post, doing a live video, writing content, and sending out a newsletter that are all completely different, I start with ONE of those 4 things and then repurpose it into the other things.

For example, this blog post, I wrote on a Tuesday night.  I will then use this as my notes for my live video on Thursday.  I will also do a quick snippet about it that we will post on our Facebook page, group, and Instagram that leads them to my live video.  Then, we will send out a newsletter campaign to our list that drives them to both the blog post and video.

Did I have to spend time writing content?  Absolutely.  But, the amount of time I took was cut in HALF, simply because I had ONE topic that I repurposed to ALL different platforms.

If you are worried that your followers won’t want to see the same thing 4 or 5 different times, STOP IT.  The truth of the matter is, most of them aren’t opening your email (average open rates are 20%), seeing your posts, or watching your lives.  And, even if they do see the same thing multiple times, that’s an advantage for YOU.

Just remember:  Keep It Simple.  Figure out what your strength is (mine is writing) and start with that.  Then, use it as your outline for the rest of your content for the week!

Where do you start when it comes to your content?  Are you a writer or do you lead with your live videos?

Kristen Van Horn