How Your Network Marketing Side Hustle Can Help You Become a VA

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Kelli + I did not get our start as Virtual Assistants in a traditional way.  And honestly, that might have been an advantage for both of us.

We were both business owners.  We were both working with business coaches we admired and loved (and still do).  And we both loved being able to help other people.

Luckily, our business coaches both were able to see our strengths in our businesses and ended up hiring us on their team, respectively.  Kelli started working as a virtual assistant for her business coach, and I took on some design and eventually more of a tech role with my business coach.

They saw the need in their business and the fact that we both already KNEW business and helped us find that alternate path.

We have had so many of you reach out to us, looking for a way to make extra money in order to support your family.  And maybe you’ve tried the Network Marketing thing but aren’t seeing the return on investment in it.  I get it.  I’ve been involved with MULTIPLE MLMs in the past and made literally ZERO money, which is part of the reason why I ventured into my own business (although, I’m back in network marketing again - and thankfully seeing much more success).  Or maybe you just feel like “selling” isn’t your “thing” (hate to break it to you, but selling is a way of LIFE - you already do it DAILY).

But, guess what?  That side hustle can actually HELP you become a virtual assistant!

Here’s the deal… Many of the things you learned to do with your network marketing company are exactly the things that business owners need help with, and the things you need that will help you land a job as a virtual assistant!

1. You already know how to market + sell yourself to other people

Network marketing is just that - networking with people on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., while simultaneously marketing yourself (or your product) in order to make a sale.  You’ve most likely already grown your network by reaching out to people, joining groups, and following new people.  And you’ve most likely written posts that promote your product or service.  All you need to do now is change it around to market YOU and what YOU can do to help others in THEIR business.

2. You already know how to attract people to your “product”

Similarly to what I said above, you’ve already learned what it takes to attract people to your product or service.  You’ve written kickass content that gets people interested in what you are selling, whether it’s a product or service.  You’ve taken pictures or created videos around your product or service to show off exactly what your product can do.  Now, flip it and attract people to YOU.  Tell YOUR story and what YOU can do in order to help people in their business!

3. You already know some of the backend tasks that can help business owners

Most likely, some of the things that you had to set up or create in your NWM gig is also things that can easily help business owners.  If you’ve ever setup a blog or written a blog post, you can help business owners with their blogs, either transcribing content for them or setting up their blog for them.  If you’ve ever written or sent out an email campaign to your list about a flash sale or a certain product and what it can help with, you can help a business owner with that exact same thing.  If you’ve ever written content or curated images or quotes, you can help a business owner with their content.

If you’re in network marketing, you ARE a business owner, so everything you already know how to do can HELP business owners.

And here’s the best part… there’s absolutely no overhead to get started, no inventory to keep, no challenge groups to run.  All you have to do is everything you already know how to do in order to become a VA!

Are you in network marketing?

Kristen Van Horn