3 Things to Do When You are Ready to Outsource

Steps to Outsource

So, you’re feeling completely and totally overwhelmed in your business.  Things have been going great, but all of a sudden, you just don’t feel like you have time to do it all.

Believe me, we’ve been there.

When you get to this point in your business, it’s time to start looking for help.  But, outsourcing parts of your business can be really scary.  As business owners, we tend to be very controlling of our business (as we should be) because we want things done RIGHT.  But, at the same time, we know that we cannot keep running our business when we are on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Here are the 3 things you should do when you are ready to outsource…

1. Determine your budget.

This is probably one of the absolutely scariest things for a business owner to do.  We already spend money on ads, programs, etc. to make our business run smoothly, so it feels like an unneccessary expense to hire someone to do something we are more than capable of doing.

When I first hire Kelli on as my VA in my run coaching business, I was making right around $500 per month.  And most of that was going toward business expenses.  So, I needed to figure out how hiring her was going to fit within that budget.

Your needs are going to vary, obviously, and your budget may be larger or smaller.  Some people start by spending $50 per month on a virtual assistant (this amounts to 1-3 hours of VA work per month), while others spend $500 or more per month for someone to literally take over and manage their business (similar to what Kelli and I do now).

The important thing to remember is that you need to know how much you are willing to spend each month and how many hours per month that will give you in that budget.

2. Figure out where you are willing to give up control.

This is probably the hardest thing to do for a business owner.  We have built our business from the ground up, so to hand over the reigns to someone else can be pretty overwhelming.  But, when we are feeling stressed, outsourcing becomes a necessity.

So, where are you willing to give up some of that control?  Maybe there is one thing that you absolutely do not have time to do and it is the one thing that suffers each and every day, week, or month.  Or maybe, there’s just something you absolutely HATE doing - not because you don’t know how to do it, but because it’s time consuming and you just don’t WANT to do it, even though it’s a necessity in you business.

Once you start thinking of those things, you might be surprised just how easy it is to give up that control.  When I (Kristen) first started outsourcing in my business, I started REALLY simple… my Virtual Assistant (which was Kelli at the time) only did my scheduling for my content.  That was it.  But, it was something I was constantly forgetting to do all the time.  It was so easy for me to just show her exactly what needed to be done and it saved me so much time, believe it or not.

Other ideas of things you can outsource:  email management, content creation, image curation, group management, membership site management, landing page setup + integration, Facebook ads setup, video transcription, graphic design

3. Ask for referrals from your biz besties.

 The next thing you need to do - and this is key - ASK FOR REFERRALS.  You have no idea how many times Kelli + I are tagged in posts in various Facebook groups of people looking to outsource.  But, the thing is, there are at least 50 other people who are being tagged in those posts AND I’m positive the person who is asking for help is also being bombarded with messages and emails as well.

Save yourself the headache of weeding out people and ask for referrals from your biz besties!  Kelli and I do very little advertising - we mostly get clients from referrals because these people have worked with us before and know the kind of work we do.  And chances are, your biz besties already know someone who would be PERFECT for you!

Ready to outsource?!  Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to running your business easier and virtually stress-free!

Kristen Van Horn