5 Tips for Non-Tech Business Owners

Did you see that we’re starting a Biz Runners Academy (Run Your Biz like a Boss)?!  Our goal is to serve women looking to start as virtual assistants and teach them how them all the ins and outs of helping other women succeed, as well as be a place to serve current biz owners who need help with tech, systems, etc and aren’t ready to outsource or hire help yet.  Because ladies, you have to know your biz before you can hire team members!

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One of the biggest areas we serve our clients in is TECH!  But what if you’re not “techy?” Hello, that’s me! 🙋

Because I ran my own fitness business for 2 years before starting The Biz Runners, I had to become familiar with a lot of things that weren't so familiar for me. Like website plugins, Leadpages, automation, email campaigns. There were so many terms I had never heard before.

So what's a business owner or Virtual assistant to do when you're incredibly "techy" but need a basic knowledge of some things to run a biz?  

1. Google It - I learned a lot of what I know by simply "Googling" it. And that's not a cop out! We have endless answers at our fingertips, so why not use it?!  Just make sure you cross check it on several credible websites to make sure you get a full understanding of something.

2. YouTube - Second to Googling something is watching a YouTube tutorial on tech. I learned how to convert a private Facebook video to Youtube via YouTube, how to put captions on Facebook videos, and how to use the messenger bot, ManyChat. If you're a visual learner like me, try YouTube for your next tech question.

3. Facebook Groups - There are entire groups dedicated to helping you with virtual assistant questions or tech business questions. There's a group for ManyChat that I've used multiple times when YouTube wasn't helping. I also like the group Boss Moms just to bounce ideas off of other women in business who have done trial and error (like me!) with tech!

4. Your Biz Bestie - When doubt, ask your bff in business!  Or in my case, create a business with your tech-expert friend! I'm never going to be an all-star at tech. My brain just doesn't do more than the basics. But Kristen has mad skills in all things tech and she loves it. I found myself going to her last year for help with client's landing pages or websites. She could answer my question in minutes or was there to talk me through the process of where I have having issues. You can't get this from Google or YouTube! It made sense when I kept going to her for tech help that we join our forces to create The Biz Runners, where she does the tech stuff for clients, and I do the social media managing and project managing. Sometimes, it's just better to know what you're good at and hire someone else to do the rest for you!

5. Join Biz Runners Academy - Don't have a biz bestie or you're just starting out as a virtual assistant and you want to stand apart?! This is exactly why we created this monthly membership academy. We found that we had business owners who weren't ready to hire help (but definitely needed it) and ladies wanting to bust into the VA scene. This monthly membership is sort of like a mentorship program where we will create custom tech videos that are specific to exactly what you need done. We'll also have guest experts in to share their fav tech hacks with you!

This academy costs less than .50 cents a day...like wha?! Weekly trainings, guest experts, tools, resources, and all the insights to running a biz.

If you're interested in being on the waitlist, email us at info@thebizrunners.com


Kelli Tobin