#ShowLove Week: How to show your TEAM you LOVE them!

#showlove team

Today is Day 4 of our #ShowLove week, and today we are talking all about how to show LOVE to your TEAM!

Earlier this week, I went live on my personal page about how important Kelli and my other teams have been in helping me “do it all”.  But, here’s the thing… if I never told them how much I loved them and appreciated them, would I get the same support as I do?!

While I think that no matter what, my team would have my back and support me, showing them your love + appreciation for them goes a LONG way.  So, what are some ways you can show your TEAM some love?!

By giving them encouragement.  

Let’s face it… we aren’t going to do everything perfectly every single time.  Thankfully, it’s NOT a perfect world and thankfully, we have some forgiving people we work for, but when we do things right or wrong, it always helps to have someone who will boost you up and encourage you.

I’ve made some pretty major mistakes before for some clients.  Not on purpose, obviously, but I had a major oversight in a project for a client that left me feeling completely defeated.  Kelli, like the amazing teammate she is, gave me a TON of encouragement.  Because I DID do a really good job, but things don’t always work perfectly.  She gave me some encouragement and reminded me that we learn from our mistakes and move on.

She has also given me some amazing encouragement when it comes to learning something new.  Seriously, without the encouragement of Kelli, Kristin, or other teams I am a part of, I’d never feel like I was doing anything right.  A little encouragement, or pick-me-up, goes a LONG way!  

By giving your teammates some PUBLIC recognition.

I never thought my love language was words of affirmation, as I’ve always been more of an “acts of service” type of person.  However, I’m learning more and more just how important recognition is for me.  To hear my husband tell me how much he appreciates me or is proud of me, means MORE to me than him giving me a gift.

Giving your team some public recognition can go a LONG way.  I am currently part of a team where our entire group is dedicated to recognizing people.  And guess what?  When you see that someone recognizes the effort you put into something, you are more likely to work even HARDER the next time around.

Here’s a really great idea on ways to recognize your team (and I’ll admit, that I did not come up with this idea, but it is something one of my teams does):  Create a thread (we use Slack) that is all about WINS.  What have people on your team done that they deserve recognition for?  When you see someone tag you in that thread, I DARE you not to work 10x harder than you did to get the same recognition next time!

All it takes is a little note of thank you or that you see the time + effort someone is putting in.  That recognition can go a LONG way!

I encourage you today to find a way to give your team some encouragement + recognition to show how much you LOVE them and appreciate them!  

Kristen Van Horn