The ONE Tech Thing You NEED When You Start a Business!

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Scared of all things technology?!

Don’t worry!  We’ve got your back!

Kelli + I actually started this business because we both were able to fill a gap in knowledge that we each had.  I just so happened to fill the gap in Kelli’s tech knowledge.

Because I HEART all things TECH!

It’s a sickness, really…

However, I know how many business owners get stuck when it comes to technology.  All that back end work becomes overwhelming and when you just don’t understand what you need to do, let alone HOW to do it.

Let me take some of the burden off your shoulders by telling you the ONE THING you absolutely NEED when you start up your business…


Here’s the thing about an email list:  it can NEVER be taken away from you. If Facebook shuts down tomorrow, you will lose every single one of your followers.  But, should your CRM (client relations manager) shut down tomorrow, you can export your list and take it with you.  So, it is VITAL that you have an email list to stay in contact with your audience and customers.

What do you need to do to create an email list?  First, you need to decide which CRM is going to be best from your needs.  While I prefer ActiveCampaign, there are several other ones that work amazingly well and you can use for FREE.  Other choices include:

So, how do you actually get people to sign-up for your mailing list?!  By offering them something for FREE in exchange for their email.  Many times this is a 1-2 page guide of some sort that your audience wants and/or needs.  While many times, business owners will create a landing page with a form to signup, you can simply make a post and email the people with the freebie who ask for it!

We cannot stress enough how important an email list is for your business!  If you want to engage your audience and be SEEN, you need to be showing up in their inbox!  Plain + simple!

If you want more information on how to setup your email list or get an opt-in setup (or even start running some ads) to grow your list, we offer custom packages that will help you do this - or we can teach you HOW to do this in our Biz Runners Academy (coming soon)!

Kristen Van Horn