I remember when I first got into online business, I struggled with exactly what I should be posting on social media every day.  In fact, I would struggle so much that I would go DAYS without posting anything on Facebook or Instagram.

So, why is this such a big deal, you ask?

Because when you aren’t showing up consistently for your AUDIENCE, they are going to tune you out!

Think about your kiddos… most children function much better when they have a set schedule or routine to follow.  It gives the structure and predictability.  They don’t have to worry about what to expect on a day to day basis because they already know that Mom put a system in place for them.

And guess what?  That makes YOUR life easier too!

So, how do we take the guesswork out of posting on social media?

We create a SYSTEM!

Look, we ALL want to run a successful online business, whether we are a business strategist, a virtual assistant, or sell luxury hair care.  The one way to HELP you be successful is by being CONSISTENT.  Which means you HAVE to be posting consistently.  Your audience wants to hear from YOU.  They want to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

And if you’re showing up here + there, not constantly adding value, and clueing them into what you’re doing on a regular basis, they aren’t going to follow you.

By creating a system, we take the guesswork out of exactly what we are going to be posting on social media daily.  This system will allow us to come up with a variety of themes for each day, so when we sit down to write out our content (whether you do it daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly), we already have an idea of what we need to do!  And then our audience knows what to expect as well (even if they don’t necessarily realize it).

Here is an example of my social media content system I use when I am creating content:

Monday:  Motivation Monday (typically a quote that resonated with me in the past week)
Tuesday:  Engagement Post (something that will get my audience commenting so I can build a relationship with them)
Wednesday:  Lifestyle (my kiddos, coffee, workspace, etc.)
Thursday:  Lead Generator (something about my program or an opportunity that will fill my pipeline with leads)
Friday:  Engagement Post
Saturday/Sunday:  Lifestyle

By having this system laid out in advance, I can save time when I write my content, I am showing up consistently, I am getting my audience to engage with me, and they are seeing that I am showing up consistently for THEM.  This builds the know/like/trust factor and makes it more likely that they will become a paying customer of mine.

I challenge you to take the time this week to sit down and write down daily themes for your social media so that you are showing up consistently for your audience!  And don’t be surprised to see people engaging with you + your pipeline growing with new leads!

Kristen Van Horn