Create Better Content {Weekly Themes Inside}

You sit down to write content and you’re like, “Where do I even start?”  

“Do I make graphics first? Do I need graphics?”

“Should I change my font?”

“No, I like my font.”

“What do I say? Should I write it beforehand and schedule it? Or maybe post day of since I’ll get more of a reach?”  

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--->>>The good news is, we have a simpler way for you! Creating weekly and daily themes for your business can take most of the guesswork out of getting stuck on content.

And your content matters. Your graphics matter. Your message matters and how you get it across.

Here's some weekly theme ideas based on your industry:

Health/Fitness/Wellness Professional

Week 1 - Inspiration - share some motivating tips, quotes, and your favorite workout moves to try

Week 2 -Favorites - Post your favorite products, workout equipment and ingredients to making nutritional food

Week 3- Engagement - Ask your audience their biggest struggles in eating right or working out. Encourage them to go live with a topic or question as well.

Week 4 - go LIVE - Go live every day in your FB group or page and address your client's biggest needs and hot topics from the month

Business Coach

Week 1 - Highlights - Highlight testimonials or insights into your signature program

Week 2 - A Day in the Life - Show your followers what your day to day schedule looks like and how you scale your biz accordingly

Week 3 - Schedule a Call - Offer a free consult or audit on FB live for potential clients or leads

Week 4 - Powerful Tips - Share your latest and greatest biz tips in your area of expertise

Clothes/Fashion Blogger

Week 1 - Style Me- offer to style a follower with 5-10 signature pieces from their closet.

Week 2 - Color Me Pretty - Highlight a different shade of color each day of the week! Teach people from your community how to pair complimentary colors together with their jewelry and nails.

Week 3 - Dressed for the Seasons - Show how to transition pieces from season to season. Show a scarf or boots that can be worn through spring, summer, winter and fall.

Week 4 - Day to Night - Showcase outfits that can be transformed from day to night with a few simple changes. Encourage your following to show their own photos of day to night.


Week 1 - Daily Routine - Show your audience what a 5 min face looks like, a 10 min routine, and if you have 20 min to get ready for the day. Highlight a few products and how you use them.

Week 2 - Your Style - Style your hair different ways each day with different makeup looks. Encourage your audience to try out and document their own versatile looks.

Week 3 - Tips and Tools - Share your best curly hair trick, under eye regimen, and makeup you love on a budget.

Week 4 - Go Natural - Encourage your community to wear their "fresh face" and go makeup free for the day or week!

I hope these tips were helpful to getting your brain started in the right direction for your weekly themes. Sometimes that's all you need to get going!  If I didn't talk about your industry, share with me what your niche is and some themes or content ideas you've used.

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Kelli Tobin