Simplify Your Course Offerings

Simplify Your Course Offerings

How many times have you felt STUCK in your business?

Or, how many times have you changed up your programs for it to work for you?

Because, hello, Entrepreneur ADD.  I feel like we are CONSTANTLY trying to change up what we are offering to our ideal clients and find something that works.

But, friends, we need to SIMPLIFY what we are offering.  Sometimes we bounce around so much that it leads those clients astray and they have no idea what we are going for, and then we lose them as a customer.

And that’s what we DON’T want!

Before I jump into more of the nitty gritty details of your offerings, if you take away ANYTHING from this post today, I want you to take away this:

Keep the main thing the main thing.

You don’t NEED to have your eggs in 50 million different baskets.  Figure out what your CORE offer is and promote the crap out of it.  Because really, you only need one main thing to focus your time + energy.

But, it DOES help to have multiple streams of income to help you reach those income goals.  So, let’s break down the different things you can offer that will help boost your monthly income.

1. Core Program/Offer.

What is the MAIN THING you want to promote?  This could be 1:1 services or a group program, but make sure that (a) it’s going to be your MAIN source of income, and (b) it’s what your audience WANTS.  The key is to make sure you are offering the right thing at the right price so people want to BUY it from you.

2.  Passive Income Stream.

Because we want to be focusing all of our time and effort on our CORE offering, we don’t want to create a second program that is going to take us MORE time to do.  Therefore, a passive income stream is a great way to boost your income and not have to worry about promoting it all the time.  Typically, passive income streams come in the form of a tripwire or something you offer in your sales funnel.  Get people on your list and offer them a lower priced program to buy and do on their own.  Just image waking up in the morning to multiple SALES you only had to work ONCE for when you created this passive course, ebook, etc.

3.  Residual Income Stream.  

While we want to focus most of our time on our core offering, we also want to make sure we have some source of residual income stream.  What is a residual income stream?  Residual income is recurring payments you receive over and over.  Basically, you work ONCE for the sale, and then earn income when people purchase a second time.  A residual income stream can come in the form of a physical product people purchase over and over (this would need to be a consumable product, obviously), or a monthly membership program.

Your residual income stream can absolutely be your core offer as well.  But, it’s important that you have BOTH a core program and a residual income stream.

Take a look at your business:  What is your core offer?  What could you create as a passive income stream?  Do you have a source of residual income - or can you create one or partner with a company that will help provide one for you?

Kristen Van Horn