How to Spring Clean Your Online Business

Yay, it’s the first day of Spring!  We’re still rockin’ frost here in the midwest, but will look forward to some warmer morning runs in the next month.

What better way to usher in the season than to spruce up your business!

This time of year, I like to go room by room throughout my house and fill bags of stuff I can donate to Goodwill. The kids’ toys, my winter sweaters I never seem to wear, and those kitchen gadgets I never used (strawberry huller anyone?)

We can (and should!) do this in our businesses too!  Read on to get our best tips for making your business fresh and clean for the spring!

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Your Social Media:

  • Go ahead and unfollow all those accounts that aren’t filling your cup or are dragging you down

  • Make some new quote graphics with white backgrounds to give your feed a clean look

  • Update your passwords if you’ve been using the same ones for everything (don’t we all) This will better keep your accounts protected.

  • Really use your platforms to engage with your audience. Comment, like and share with them consistently.

Your Email:

  • Go through and delete old emails

  • Categorize ones you will need later

  • Update your email signature


Your Website:

  • Update your About Me page with an updated photo and bio

  • Check that all of your buttons work properly

  • Double check that your images in your blog posts have ALT text (important for SEO)


Your Calendar:

  • Get a white board calendar and write down all your appointments, phone calls, and events for the next month

  • Fill in your monthly social media calendar with your weekly themes {read post HERE} for your social media


Your Workspace:

  • Clear off your desk; organize receipts, file papers, keep important documents within reach but out of site

  • Delete old Drive or Dropbox files of clients you no longer work with.

  • Scrub down your desk and do some actual deep cleaning to it

  • Fill your desk with things that inspire and motivate you like your affirmations, photos of your kids, and your next quarter goals


I hope this inspires you to spring clean your biz and take the next quarter by storm! What things would you add to this list?  Comment below...

Kelli Tobin