Do Your REALLY Need to Have a Facebook Group?!

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I’ve been in the online world for 8 years now.  I started as a blogger, and just a few years ago, dipped my toe in the online business world in order to try to monetize my social influence.

I’ve always known that I needed a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  But, when my business coach suggested starting a Facebook group, I was certainly skeptical.

I already had a Facebook Page for my business, did I really need a Facebook Group as well?

So, here’s the honest truth…

It depends.

While I absolutely LOVE my Facebook group and ours for The Biz Runners, I have see MANY of our clients have success on their Facebook Page for their business.  It really depends on your audience and what you want to do.

But, here are the reasons that you DO want to have a Facebook Page:


We’ve all heard about the changes in the Facebook algorithm - Facebook wants to block businesses, etc., so our business pages are less likely to show up in our audiences feed.  So, unless we have a really large following, chances are, we are not going to reach a lot of people (I didn’t start getting good traction on my posts until I hit about 3,500 followers on my Facebook page).

However, with a Facebook group, the people who are IN that group get notified every time you post something.  Of course, the algorithm for this is changing as well, and you aren’t getting notified nearly as often as before, unless you click a little button that allow them to push ALL posts in the group to your notifications.

So, if you’re not getting visible, what’s the point?

Leading a Tribe.  

I recently read the book “Tribes” by Seth Godin, and let me tell you, it made me desperately want to lead some sort of movement.  Social media has made this SO much easier for us to reach more + more people on a daily basis from around the world.  

A Facebook Group is one sure-fire way to allow you to start a TRIBE, a MOVEMENT, of people with similar interests.  And YOU are the leader.  You are the influencer who is helping people go against the grain and find something they are truly passionate about.  The Badass Biz Runners Group is all about helping people learn how to run a business from the comfort of their home.  We want to create genuine relationships with these people and become LEADERS + EXPERTS for virtual assistants.

This is EXACTLY how you should treat your group - a place for people to interact with each other, for you to lead others, and to create a MOVEMENT to something that helps others!

So, do you really NEED a Facebook Group?  Well, not really.  However, I think it is an absolutely GREAT platform to create movements, interact with others, and truly find your audience, your TRIBE, and GROW in the online world!

Do you have a Facebook group?  What type of movement are you trying to create?

Kristen Van Horn