Do you NEED a Facebook Business Page as a Virtual Assistant?

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When you’re getting started as a virtual assistant, it can be hard to weed through the things you NEED and what you don’t need.

Do you need a website?
Do you need to run ads?
Do you need an email list?
Do you need to become an LLC?

I mean, I could rattle off at least 20 more things that will just completely overwhelm you.  So, let’s just start really simple and take about Facebook.

Because honestly, most people are going to be running their business on Facebook.  If you want to be in the online world and be SEEN, you NEED to be on Facebook.  In this day in age, Facebook is really the place to be if you want to run an online business.  Sure, there are other platforms out there, but really, if you focus specifically on building a business on Facebook, you can be pretty successful.

But, do you NEED to have Business Page for your business?

First, let’s cover the differences between a personal Facebook Page and a Business Page.

When you come onto Facebook, you are using your personal page.  This is where you can connect with your friends, updated them on your life, so on and so forth.  Really, your personal page is meant for just that - your personal use.  While I know MANY people who run their businesses (mostly MLMs) through their personal page, Facebook really wants you only using that page for your own personal use.

A Facebook Business Page is for, well, BUSINESS.  These can also be called “Like Pages”.  A business page is really for where “fans” can connect with businesses and celebrities.  When you go to Target’s page, you are liking their business page.  When you go to Beyonce’s page, you are liking her business page.  Those pages are not meant for your person use, and you won’t have a “feed” of things like you do with your personal page.  It’s strictly for you to promote your business and connect with your fans.

So, do you NEED to have a Business Page?  Honestly, it really depends on what you want to do.  Let’s look at some Pros + Cons of having a business page for your VA business.


You can run Facebook ads.  If you are wanting to get people to hire you by running an ad, this is where you would NEED a business page.  You can only run ads from your Facebook business page, so if this is something you are interested in doing now or in the future, you might want to consider a business page.

You can have more than 5,000 friends or followers.  On your personal page, you are limited to 5,000 “friends” in your network.  Once you hit 5,000, you cannot add another person to network with.  If you really want to be “known” as a virtual assistant, a business page would definitely be the way to go for you.

It will make your business look more official and like a “brand.”  Kelli + I are branded as The Biz Runners - that’s how people know us.  While we do sometimes use our personal pages for business-related things, most of our content is through our BRAND, so a business page has been necessary for us.

It gives you social proof.  If you are really wanting to grow and take on multiple clients (or even become an agency like we are), a business page will help give you that social proof.  Business owners can see how many people are following you (without having to send you a friend request) and see what value you can add to their business.  Plus, it makes you look more official to potential prospective clients.


It’s yet another thing for you to manage.  OMG, all.the.things.  Like I said, starting a business can be completely overwhelming and you never know what you really need.  Honestly, a business page is just one more thing for you to manage.  If you are already overwhelmed, it might be better for you to just wait until you have clients knocking on your door to start your business page.

You won’t be as “visible.”  While your business page can make you more “official,” Facebook really wants people to connect on a personal level, so to be seen as a business takes A LOT of time + effort getting your audience to engage with you.  If you can get people to like + comment on your posts and videos, Facebook will boost it up in their feed.  Otherwise, no one will see you.  So, again, value your time and if you’re willing to make that happen, go for it!

In the end, it’s really up to you.  I don’t personally feel like it’s something you NEED when you are just starting off, but if you want to be “known” in the industry, you will definitely need a business page at some point!

Kristen Van Horn