Manage Email without Stressing Out as a Business Owner

Email is such a time sucker. I read this week that it is a “decision maker” and that’s why we avoid it. So true!

Here’s our tips for making managing email better:

📤Don’t open it unless you are prepared to respond

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⌛Have a set time/day when you check email each day

📩Have a set time/day when you respond to emails each day (or every other day)

🖊️Create a signature or write it in your contract when you check email and when you are available

🙅‍♀️Never respond right away to an email that is thought provoking, requires you to take action, or is communicated negatively to you. Emails sent under duress never end well!

📁Delete it or file it once you’re done with it. Nobody wants thousands sitting in their inbox.

🤸‍♀️Our favorite email hack is to use Boomerang to schedule time sensitive emails we don’t want to forget about it but also don’t need sending right away. Schedule those out!

What are your favorite email management tips? Share with us below by leaving a comment!


Kelli Tobin