What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business


Never in a million years did Kelli + I think we would get to a point where our business would blow up so much that we wouldn’t be able to manage it all.

But, we definitely got to that point earlier this month.  We finally got into a good groove and people were knocking down the door to work with us.

Unfortunately, as much as we want to be able to help every single person who is interested in working with us, we simply cannot.  We had reached our capacity and if we took on one more thing, we knew it was going to blow up in our faces.  #realtalk

Instead of being paralyzed by stress + overwhelm, we started strategizing about what we could do to manage everything on our to-do list.  Here are the steps we are taking in order to help our clients reach their fullest potential and stay on top of our ever growing to-do + client list…

1. When you’ve reached capacity, where you can’t take on even one more thing in your business, it’s probably time to outsource.  

I know, I know… but you don’t feel like you’re ready to outsource. Believe me, I was there too.  I was working fulltime, I had a growing business, and for some reason, I just couldn’t seem to get everything done and done on time.  I kept forgetting things, even if I wrote them down, simply because I didn’t have the bandwidth to take on anything else, even though I so desperately wanted to.

So, I hired a virtual assistant.  Kelli, actually.  I just needed her to take SOMETHING off my plate, so we started really simple.  Because I still wanted all the control over my business (#controlfreak much?!), I would write my content and she would schedule it.  That’s it to start.  It took an hour off of my schedule each week.  An hour that I could devote to my clients or my family (or my job).

Over time, I started having her take on more and now my assistant (who works for both my personal business + TBR) does SO much more, from scheduling to writing content to curating images to “bitch work” tasks like adding reminders to my calendar or writing down my open + click rates on my email.  The thing is, these are all things I wanted done but just didn’t have the time (or energy) to do.  So, instead, I could focus on my income producing activities, like content creation, live videos, marketing, and client tasks.

**Note:  Need a VA?! We have several qualified VAs who are eager to start helping you!  Email us at info@thebizrunners.com and let us know what you are looking for! We’d be happy to help you find the perfect match!**

2. Take a step back to regroup + figure out how to scale your business.

Natalie Ellis, CEO of Boss Babe, was recently on my favorite podcast, Often Ambitious.  She took 6 months off from any income producing activities to figure things out in her business.  SIX MONTHS.

For some of us, it just isn’t possible to take that much time off from our business, either because we don’t want to or because, financially, we just can’t.  However, it is smart to take a step back from taking on NEW things in your business until you figure things out.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I at capacity in my business?
  • How much more can I take on?
  • Am I at a place where I am hitting my income goals with this amount of work?
  • What things can I do in order to scale my business (i.e. create a course, find another source of income, hire a team member, etc.)?

Take some time off from taking on anything new, reach out to your mentor or mastermind colleagues, and figure out what’s the next step in your business that will help you hit your income goals without causing you to go batty at the same time.

3. Start looking for passive income options.

We all are in business for 2 reasons:  to HELP people + to support ourselves + our family.  When you are at capacity, yet not quite at your income goals yet, it’s time to figure out how to earn MORE without taking on more.

Sometimes that means increasing your prices (you deserve to be paid what you’re worth, girl!), but maybe you don’t want to increase your prices.  Well, then it’s time to start looking for how to make residual income.  

Residual income is basically income that you earn over and over from doing the work ONCE.  There are several ways that you can do this:

  • Create a course that your ideal client wants and NEEDS. Create the course, market it, create the sales funnel, and get the people in the door.  The course is there for them to complete, but you are not exchanging dollars for hours.  You create the course once and continue to get people in the door.
  • Find an affiliate partnership.  Kelli + I have been doing this since our blogging days.  Companies have reached out to us and sent us free products in exchange for a post or review.  We get an affiliate link, drive people to it, and receive income from that.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to these companies - they are realizing more and more that this is a cheap way to market their products!  Another option (that most of you business owners will roll your eyes at) is partnering with an MLM.  While Kelli + I never intended on doing an MLM again (how we connected in the first place), we both have found great companies that we believe in that helps us make residual income to support us in this business venture.

**Note:  If you’re wanting to find out more about our affiliate partnerships in network marketing, feel free to reach out to us!**

Let’s get you back on track and feeling confident in what you’re doing without the overwhelm!  You’ve got this, girl!

Kristen Van Horn