You CAN be a mom + a business owner - and be GREAT at both!

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We KNOW how hard it is to balance life + business. We KNOW how hard it is to be present with our kids when we run a business from our phones.⁠

I’ll be honest, this past week, my son spent an entire day in front of the TV because I was so swamped with work. And let me tell you, I felt AWFUL because of it. I mean, didn’t I get into online business so that I could be HOME with my kids? So that I could be a PRESENT mom, but yet, here I am, spending hours working while I am home with my son.

Look, it is NOT easy to balance life + business - and we truly believe that a perfect work/life balance does not - I repeat, DOES NOT - exist. But, what we do believe… that you CAN be both a GREAT mom AND a GREAT business owner.

You will go through seasons where maybe your son (or daughter) has to find a way to play independently because you signed a bunch of new clients all at the same time. And there will be seasons where your workload is lighter and you’ll have EXTRA time to play. Just because ONE DAY wasn’t balanced well, doesn’t mean that EVERY day is going to be like that through the end of time.

We want you to know that it IS possible to not only be a profitable business owner, but to also be an AMAZING mama as well.⁠

And we want to help YOU do that!⁠

Let us dive deep with you and help you create systems in YOUR business that allow you to maximize your TIME with your family, while creating a profitable business. We know this is possible because we have been in (and still are in) your shoes.⁠ We have learned about those ebbs + flows in business, but instead of allowing them to hold us back, we’ve been able to continue to push forward to create a business that works for US and OUR families.

So, we want to invite YOU - yes, YOU - to come have coffee with us! We want to help work through those business + life things that are keeping you STUCK and find some systems you can implement ASAP so that you don’t keep feeling like you can’t have BOTH.

Our coffee chats are 30-minutes long and are completely FREE - AND we provide the coffee for you! Come hop on a virtual call with us THIS THURSDAY and let’s help you find a system that helps you maximize both your time in your business AND your time with your family! But, HURRY! These time slots fill up FAST!


We can’t wait to chat with YOU!

Kristen Van Horn