Why Balance Does Not Exist

In the entrepreneurial world, I keep hearing, "I just need to learn to balance everything."  Or the question will come up 15x in one Facebook group..."How do you balance work life at home while raising kids?"  I've thought about this a lot and actually listened to a few podcasts about it. 

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The fact is, balance does not exist. If you're giving 75% to your business, you're only giving 25% to something else like your kids or your family. I think as women because we juggle a lot, we think we can give 100% to everything we put our hand to.

Friends, balance should not exist.  We shouldn't be half-assing our business or half-assing our spouse or our kids. Sooner or later, one of them will inevitably suffer. 

So then what do we do if balance does not exist? 

We give 100% to our business when we're working. We give 100% to our kids when we're with our kids. We put the phone down and in another room so we can't work. We communicate to our family the times when we need to work, and then we spend the time with them, WITH THEM. 

I don't believe we're supposed to live balanced lives. There should be a little lopsided-ness, and that's okay. Don't feel bad that you can't do it all and do it all at once. You were never supposed to!

How can you embrace being "lopsided"? What tips have you found in un-balancing your life?

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Kelli Tobin