Batching 101: Never run out of great photos again!

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Do you ever go to post something and then scroll through your camera roll and think “Nah, my smile looks weird there,” OR “Ugh, this pic is too dark,” OR “The kids are weird in this one…” And then you have no idea what to post with what photo and all you want is to look bright and airy and have a feed that looks amazing.

Sound familiar?  One solution we’ve found for never being without a good photo or graphic to post is to batch your photos!  

Batching means taking a bunch of photos or making graphics in chunks of time which will save you time later! For example, when you look really good (aka date night with the hubs or the kids’ Easter shot that actually turned out), take a bunch of photos! The same can be done with products, food pics, or quote graphics! So, no, you don’t need professional pictures or to spend hours looking for the perfect photo!

Read on to see our top 5 tips for never being without a killer photo again:

1. Make a Plan

Set aside 30 min to 1 hour every month where you can do your hair, put on a good outfit and grab your husband, a friend, or your tripod for some pictures! If you're up for some decent gym photos or workout moves, set up your phone to film various moves, then pause the playback video and screenshot some photos to use! If you’re working on flatlays, get all your props or tools together, get in front of a bright window and play around! We recommend wearing colors that go with your brand, head outside if possible, and take as many photos as you can! Don’t do any editing. You’re working in a short amount of time. You will get better and more efficient as you go!

2. Mix Up Your Shots

Go somewhere with good lighting (indoors or out), set your timer and take a bunch of different shots with your phone or camera. Some of your hair, close up of your makeup, fully body, your shoes, smiling, looking away… you get the idea! Play around and have fun. They won’t all be winners but if the weather and the hair are cooperating, go for it! You can always edit them later.

3. Save Quote Graphic Ideas to your Phone

I use the Notes App or Google Keep to write down any quote from a book I’m reading or something I hear in a podcast. Then, I pick 1x a month to sit down and go through them and make quote graphics. I have a template for quotes in Canva I use so it takes me even less time than trying to figure out a font or submark. I download them all to my phone once they’re made and then I’m ready to grab them for my Instagram or Facebook when ready!

4. Lay it Out in Instagram

Instagram gives us a gallery wall of photos to look at when we click on someone’s profile, so if you want yours to look a certain way, you’ve got to start taking those photos! Head to apps like Later or Planoly, where you can plug in your photos to get an idea of what your feed will look like. I like to mix mine up with close-ups, flatlays, and quotes. Look for cohesive feeds you admire and start shooting like that!

5. Go with the Flow

Sometimes the best pictures are ones where there’s laundry everywhere, we haven’t showered in 3 days, and there’s some mysterious crud on our shirt that we pray doesn’t show up in our pic. But that’s real life! Your followers and potential clients want to connect with YOU! Give them your authentic self!

Batching is, above anything else, a time saver. We don’t want to spend hours at a photoshoot or time scrolling through 1,000’s of photos to find “the perfect one.” Even if you use the same shot you used 3 months ago, no one would even notice! Now get out there and spend some time now so you can save it later!

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Kristen Van Horn