Why You Need a Biz Bestie

Being an entrepreneur is lonely.  Can I just start with that?!  

As a stay at home mom, turned work at home mom, it’s been difficult to find a fellow woman who gets the struggles I feel being at home and trying to start a business. When I’m in “mom world” on a play date or grabbing coffee, I feel like I can gel with moms.  When I’m on a Zoom call or chatting with my Uplevel Mastermind girls, I feel like “hard-core working woman.”  The two areas haven’t meshed for me.  

Not everyone understands the ups and downs of owning a business and the truth is, when I’m with my mom friends, I don’t want to talk business.  However, when I’m with my biz friends, it’s hard to not bring up my mom struggles because they directly affect my business outcomes and goals.

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If this is you, then you need a biz bestie.  Your biz bestie is someone that gets all aspects of who you are and what you’re going through as a woman, mom, and business owner.  Someone you can hop on a call with and chat 100% biz, but also text the next moment for prayer because your 10 month old refuses to give you any sleep.

Here’s my top reasons you need a biz bestie in your life:

Reason #1: They support you and understand your biz (and life) struggles

Like I said earlier, it can be lonely owning a business from home.  Heck, my husband doesn’t even understand what I do.  But talking to someone who’s doing the same thing has been life changing.

My biz bestie has literally been in my shoes (we’re basically the same person in a lot of ways) so my struggles have been her struggles.  And she supports me 100% because she’s been there.  Just talking to someone else can be your biggest resource and help when you’re trying to do it all as a mom, wife, and biz owner.

Reason #2: You can make one another better

Kristen (the other “K” and my bizbestie) has strengths that I don’t have.  And vice versa.  We literally make one another better for our business together and in mastermind groups we’re a part of.  We’re able to make others better by our combined strengths, insights, and experience.  

Reason #3: They hold you accountable

Having a biz bestie means I can share my dreams for my biz and life and she’s going to check in on those with me.  She’s going to check that I’m following through.  My success is her success. Plus, we all need people, who we can trust, to push to be better and do better. And what better person than our biz bestie.

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Reason #4: Inspiration & Love

She may not always know it but my biz bestie inspires me in ways that other business friends don’t or can’t.  Since we have the connection from #1-3, I take her opinion over anyone else in this biz.  She “gets” me and I get her.  

biz bestie, virtual assistant, online business owner, why you need a biz bestie


Reason #5: You’re better together

We say so many times, “You can’t quit, because I need you!”  This goes back to #2 in a lot of ways.  Does your business accelerate by working with her?  Does she make you excited to work on projects? Do you love that you can hand off some things to someone else that you’re just not confident in? When you know you’re in it to collaborate and not compete, you’re onto something.

Do you have a biz bestie?  Do you want one?   Here’s 3 tips for finding a biz bestie:

  1. Get Online - Join Facebook business groups and make note of women posting similar problems in their biz, or adding value in the groups.  Reach out to them via messenger to further connect. Comment on Instagram followers’ posts who you really like and think you could be friends with.

  2. Schedule a time to chat - If you find someone, see if you can hop on a Zoom call or talk over messenger voice chat.  This is a great way to get more personal than just a Facebook group.  If you’re local, see if you can meet for coffee.

  3. Join an UpLevel community - Ready to grow your business and meet other awesome women, who could also be your new bff?  Then join a mastermind (free or paid) and connect with these women 1-2x a month.

So, when you find that person who you can spill your life struggle too before 6 am in a voice text (and she actually listens before 6 am because you were both up working out), THEN you know you’re onto something sweet.  

Share this post with your biz bestie or let us know how you found yours!  And if you need one, comment below!  We have a bunch of Facebook groups we can send your way to join!

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Kelli Tobin