Creating Your Core Message in Your Business

How often do you post your core message in your Facebook group or Page?  Do you know what your core message is? 

I would define your "core" message as the sole purpose of your business. If you haven't thought about your message before, now is the time!  

Your core message should do the following:

  1. An Introduction - Introduce your audience to who you are and a little about yourself. Be authentic, fun, and personal.

  2. An Explanation - Talk about your “why” - Why are you doing what you’re doing in your business? What led you to this place?

  3. Inspire Others - What you hope others will get from being a part of your community or by buying your program/product?  How can what you do or what you sell change their life?

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Remember, to make it customer centered.  Talk about yourself but quickly relate it to how you can serve others in what you're doing. 

To create those lifers for your biz, you want people to resonate with you and how your brand and business can make an impact in their life.

We'd love to hear your CORE MESSAGE!  Comment below to share yours!

Kelli Tobin