Create Your Ideal Morning Routine With These Must-Do Steps

As a work at home with babies who struggle with sleep, unless I plan out my mornings, they quickly get wrapped up in making preschool lunch last minute, throwing a breakfast at my kids, and rushing out the door.

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To make sure this DOESN’T happen, I’ve set up an ideal morning routine for our family (and myself in my business) so we can all thrive and get done what we need to get done and I can move my business forward.. It doesn’t always go this way because life but having the routine written down helps me stay accountable and leads me towards success.

Here is my ideal morning routine:

5-6 am - Workout (hopefully)

6-7 am - shower, devotional, wash bottles, put dishes away

7-8:45 - boys up, breakfast, devotional with the boys at the kitchen table, get boys dressed, clean up breakfast

8:45-9- Preschool drop-off

9:15 - Nap for Micah

9:30-10:30 - Power Hour for The Biz Runners - may include responding to emails, writing content, work for clients

Do you have a morning routine?  Or do mornings stress you out?

Here’s our a few steps to do TODAY to create your ideal morning routine:

 1. Write It All Down

Grab a pen and paper and write down all that you do in the morning.  Write down what you do each day if they differ. From this, you will start to see patterns.  Start to cross off things that are unnecessary. Circle things you can delegate. Star the things you should be doing the night before (like packing lunches, getting bags ready). How much time do you work on your business in the morning? If it’s not a part of your morning routine right now, start writing down what you would like to make a part of your routine.  Figure out exactly what you WANT the morning to look like from your complete list.

 2. Create Time Blocks

With your narrowed down list, figure out how much time you want them to take. Not how much they actually take you.  We’ve all had that morning where breakfast took an hour and the toddler took 20 minutes to put socks on.  Determine how much time you want each task to take and write it down next to the task.  Use an Excel spreadsheet for time blocks or pen and paper.  Here’s an example of a timeblock schedule:

 Time Block Schedule

 3. Take Action

Now, it’s time to put your plan into action. Once you have it written down, start implementing your ideal day. Communicate to your family what you need them to do in order for the morning to run smoothly for everyone. Keep it to the tasks that absolutely have to get done each morning and then plan out what you can do in your business once the kids are off to school or daycare or taking their morning nap.

 4. Power Hour Time

After you’ve written in time for your business, even if it’s just 30 min, I want you to write out exactly what you plan on doing each day during that time.  Maybe on Monday’s you check email for 5 min, listen to professional development for 10 min, and write your content for the week in 25 min. Your “Power Hour” should be a no-fuss, 100% commitment to your business. Set timers for tasks, work efficiently. My biggest tip for Power Hour or Power 15 is to do the top 3 tasks you must get done for the day during this time.  If you’ve planned out your ideal morning, you’ve put in time for your business, and we all know as the day goes on, more things pop up that keep us from being productive.

productivity, morning routine, work at home moms, virtual assistant, business organization

How much time do you block off for your business every morning?  If you don’t, can you start small with a 10 min time block to be productive?  

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Kelli Tobin