The Power of Customer Service

online business manager, virtual assistant, customer service, outsourcing

I think we've all had experiences at stores or on the phone that make us grit our teeth. You know...where you're on hold for hours and get nowhere.

As business owners, we have a unique opportunity to own and run our businesses. We are the face of the company oftentimes so it's important our people have a positive experience with us, whether they are our client or not!

So how do we do that?!

  1. Hire the Right People - As OBMs, we have eyes on our client's businesses so they can focus on customer service and we handle customer experience. We make all of their systems run properly and succinct so that they can be connecting with their potential clients.
  1. Seek to Make Things Right - The customer isn't always right (can I get an amen?!) but in the online world, where referrals are the name of the game, we need to seek to fix whatever issues come up for our clients. By doing that, we are proving to be honest and hard workers for our clients.
  1. Be Proactive - We can't always anticipate problems that arise for our clients, but having their best interest at heart is essential. Work to be a problem solver and a thinker before problems arise.

Are you ready to offer your clients the best possible experience?! How can you best do that in your biz?

Kelli Tobin