What You Should Know About Email Marketing

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As business owners, we spend A LOT of time trying to get in front of our audience. We want to try to grow our audience and many times, the best way to do that is through social media content.

However, you might be forgetting one very important tool that will help you get in front of your audience on a regular basis...


I know there is talk going around that email marketing is dead, but before you decide to get rid of your email list or CRM, let me explain one really important thing about email marketing to you.

Your email list belongs to YOU and only YOU.

Think about it this way… If Facebook or Instagram would shut down today, how would you get in front of your audience?


So, don’t stop emailing your list. It’s a really simple way to get in front of your audience on a regular basis.

But, let’s talk basics about email marketing, shall we?!

I’ve already gone over why it’s important to have an email list, but let’s chat a little bit about the actual marketing aspect of it. There are essentially 2 things that you should be doing with regard to your email list…

  1. Constantly giving value to those people who are on your list.

  2. Using it as a way to nurture NEW people on your list.

Last week, we talked about lead magnets, so email marketing is the next step when it comes to getting new clients.

We’re actually going to start with number 2 as we want to know exactly what we should be doing when someone gets on our list.

So, you’ve created your lead magnet, you started promoting it, you got an email address in exchange for your freebie… NOW WHAT?!

Your marketing shouldn’t stop when you get the person on your list. Most likely, the people who are opting in to your lead magnet have had little to no contact with you before this. Let me be blunt about this…

Just because they’re on your list, doesn’t mean they’re going to become a paying client.

Especially if this is their first contact with you. Now that they KNOW who you are, you need to nurture them so they begin to like + trust you. It ALL comes down to the know-like-trust factor.

The best way to do this is through an automated email series. Once someone joins your list, you’re going to send them through a series of emails that are basically a step by step way of what you can do to help them so they WANT to work with them.  Here’s a quick run-down of what an email series should look like.

Email #1: Thank you and link to download your lead magnet

Email #2: Check in and give them tips on how to use the lead magnet

Email #3: Value or some sort of coaching around the same concept as your lead magnet

Email #4: Adding more value to what their pain point is and how you can help solve it

Email #5: Pitch your services and how you can help solve their pain point

Now, this is just a general outline and flow, but really, the concept is that once a person joins your email list, you are sending them a daily email that is helping solve their pain point so that they eventually WANT to work with you! Because you know them SO well that they can’t say no to your offer.

Again, the goal is to get them to know, like, and trust you to get them to work with you.

Will everyone who joins your list ultimately work with you? Unfortunately, no. You can expect that for every 100 people on your list, about 1-3 will become a paying client.

So, what do you do with the other 99 people on you list?

You don’t want to ignore them because sometimes it takes more than the first few touches with you to get them to want to work with you.

What you need to be doing is sending out regular emails to them. I highly suggest committing to sending out 1 email per week to your list. These can be repurposed blog posts or live videos - don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel (in fact, this entire blog post is a repurposed video I did in our VA community last week). But, they need to keep SEEING you in their inbox regularly.

Holy moly, there is so much more that I can cover, but I think I’ll save open rates + click rates for another post (and will come back and update this one when that is ready). But, just remember, your email list can be GOLD to you as a business owner, so don’t forget about it!

Kristen Van Horn