Email Marketing: Numbers Don’t Lie!

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In the first part of our Email Marketing series, we talked all about WHY you need your email list and how you should be utilizing it.

Miss the first part on What You Should Know About Email Marketing? Be sure to check it out first, then come back here! You NEED to understand why your list is so important and THEN you can better utilize the data!

Now that you know the WHY and HOW you should be utilizing your email list, let’s talk about how to OPTIMIZE your email list!

There are 2 very important statistics you should be tracking as you continue to send out emails to your list.

1. Your open rate percentage

2. Your click rate percentage

If you are going to be sending emails out to your list that not only add value but add people as CUSTOMERS, you want to make sure they are actually READING your emails.


But, how do you get them to read them?

Well, they have to OPEN it!

Sounds simple right?! Not as easy as it seems.

Think of your own email open rate in your inbox. Which emails do you ACTUALLY open on a regular basis, and which ones are you constantly throwing in your trash or unsubscribing from?

I get 100s of emails everyday, and I probably only open 1% of the emails that come into my inbox. And those emails are mostly from people I actually KNOW: my mom, my husband, my kids’ schools, my mentors, my company, etc. If it looks like junk, most likely, I don’t even take the time to open it.

So, HOW do you get people to open your emails?

One simple thing: THE SUBJECT LINE.

If you don’t have a subject line that stops people in their tracks and gets them curious as to what is INSIDE, you’re going to end up in the trash, just like 99% of other emails people are bombarded with on a daily basis.

So, you MUST have a catchy subject line.

Here are some GREAT examples from my OWN email inbox opens (like my personal inbox, not the ones that I have sent out)...

  • FREE EARRINGS! (This was a Kendra Scott email - um, YES PLEASE!)

  • Random Acts of Kindness Printable Advent Calendar (I was thinking this was going to be free, so I was disappointed when I opened it and found out it was $25.)

  • Your holiday shopping could be worth 3,000 bonus points (I can shop + earn points toward my travel?!)

  • This is embarrassing… (Well, of course I want to know what!)

  • How to Plan and Be Effective (Hello, don’t we ALL want that?!)

  • The Year I Ate 20 Reese’s PB Cups (Whoa, I need to know more!)

Other ideas are including their name or something you KNOW your ideal client is looking for in their life. What is their struggle and how can you help them? Include either of those in the subject line, and I have a feeling, that email will get opened!

But, I want to warn you… You are NEVER going to have a 100% open rate on your emails. Even my emails to my VIP customers every single month don’t get opened - and I’m giving them FREE stuff!

What you are going for is an open rate of 20-30%. If it’s higher than that, then you audience obviously LOVES you and you are NAILING your titles + content. They want to hear from YOU.

If it’s lower than that, that’s OK too. It could mean you need to work on your subject lines better, or it could mean that the people on your list aren’t ideal for you. My personal brand is going through a MAJOR change so my open rates have been lower, but that’s OK with me. That means the people who really want to hear from me regardless of if it’s running or business related are still opening my emails. THAT is my TRIBE.

And while your readers are IN you email, you also want to give them opportunities to connect with you elsewhere, so your CLICK RATE is also important.

Your click rate won’t be nearly as high as your open rate (think 1-3% of those who open an email should be clicking on something inside), but you want to give them an opportunity to connect with you or an offer.

For example, maybe you received an email in your inbox FIRST and you clicked on a link or a button that led you to this very blog post. I didn’t give away EVERYTHING in the email - instead, I made you have to click on the link to read all about open + click rates.

Ah ha, sneaky, huh?!

But, now that you’re on our website, you had the opportunity to opt-in to our content calendar that you see via pop-up. Or maybe you loved this content so much you want to see what else we can offer you in value or services? Or maybe you just want to come hang out with us on social media?

Whatever it is, give them a place to find MORE information about you and connect with you on a more personal level. THIS is how you grow your know, like, and trust factor, which leads to more clients!

Kristen Van Horn