How to Grow Your Facebook Community Group

One of the first things I ask a client is if they have a Facebook business page and/or a Facebook group. Besides running paid programs through groups, they can be a powerful way to grow your community and invest in your tribe.


Firstly, there are three different types of groups: secret, closed or public. A secret group is best for paid programs you are running because people can’t search for it or see your posts without being added by you. A closed group can be seen by the public and searched for but only members can see posts. The last type is a public group, which is the best option for a community group that is linked to your business page.

A Facebook group is a good place to nurture your community. Groups respond better to engagement posts and group members are more likely to see your posts vs the reach on a Facebook biz page. A group is also a way to poll what your audience loves and wants more of. Take polls regularly and base your content and products off what your audience wants.

Now that you know what type to have and what they’re good for, let’s talk how to manage a Facebook group.

When you first start out in business, it’s easy to make rudimentary mistakes when it comes to your Facebook group. Like mass messaging every friend you have inviting them to join your group.

While I’m sure we all had good intentions, there’s a few key things to do to truly grow and develop your Facebook group.

  • Share your the link to your group in your Instagram profile, on your Facebook business page, and other social media channels

  • Add a invite to your group on your regular newsletter

  • Post a link on your website for your group (if you have a website)

  • Post daily with engaging content

  • Set guidelines for your group so everyone knows the expectation

  • Schedule your posts ahead of time using Facebook’s scheduler.

  • Use theme for your posts each week or month to give your audience something they can engage with regularly and expect.

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These “rules” are not hard and fast. You certainly do not have to have a Facebook group to grow your business. Many online business owners leverage their business page and personal page using live video to extend their reach.

Do you have a Facebook group? Who do you serve in your group? Feel free to join ours for aspiring VAs and business owners - The Badass Biz Runners

Kelli Tobin