Grow Your Small Business Using Facebook Live

The world of social media is ever changing, but one thing that keeps sticking around is live video. You can broadcast your thoughts, what your kids are doing, your favorite recipe or what came in the mail via Snapchat, Instagram stories, Periscope (though I'm not sure anyone is still there!), and Facebook Live.  

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The thing we love about Facebook Live is that you can directly speak to your people. It literally is King of all the networks.  You can go live directly to your personal page, your business page, or a group of your followers. You may also have the opportunity to go live in other groups (if they allow it) and this can be a huge opportunity to get your message out there and share!

It can be intimidating to jump on for the first time.  We get it.  It's weird and awkward if you don't really have a purpose in going live. But seriously, jump on sometime to add to your group or from your personal page and keep it brief but full of value. Don't be surprised if no one joins the live broadcast. It may take your viewers a while to join you when they see you're serious about showing up so many times a week or month. 

With anything practice makes perfect. Except, we don't really need to be perfect. Just be yourself!  If you're super nervous about it, jot down some notes, and refer to them so you stay on point. Once you get consistent (and we recommend you do) your followers will really start to get to know you and that relationship with them can start to grow deeper roots.

As you get better at it, start to add in a more professional intro. Tell your people who you are, what you do, and who you serve.  Think of it as your elevator speech.  Again, if you start every live with your fabulous intro, people will start to take you seriously and begin seeing you as an expert in your field. 

Plus, as you get better and more comfortable (and you will!) you can go a little off the map sometimes. Share the amazing deal you found at Target or your custom Starbucks order that everyone should try! 

"Hey, she shops at Target too!"  

Congrats, you've just added a raving fan to your biz!  

Share value about your product or service with your people. Give them sneak peeks into a brand new program you're launching. Show them around your killer workout room or office space. Share your life experiences with people. People purchase from those who they connect with, whether that's being a Target buddy, fellow coffee lover, or because you both had twins or live next door to your parents. 

Facebook Live is a great way to connect to your potential clients, followers, and to show off your expertise and value you can give. 

We know it's scary, but once you press LIVE, take a deep breath and do it!  

PS - We'd love to check out your Facebook lives and offer any support we can to your business!  Comment below with your handle and we'll give you a follow!

Kelli Tobin