Find Your Ideal Client Today!

Listen, when you're speaking in your Facebook group or on a live video, you've got to KNOW who the heck you're speaking to. And I will guarantee not everyone who likes your biz page or is in your group is your ideal client. Don't speak to everyone. You'll catch no one.

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The first I do is to describe them. I don't do the 80 question avatar thing, but just some generals. I like to think about the current clients I have and what things do they have in common or why do they keep coming back to me. There will likely be some sort of connection between them.

- How old are they?

- Are they married? Have children?

- What does their day/schedule look like?

- What is their business about?

- What are they really good at?

- What overwhelms them in their business?

After you've generalized these answers, then dig a little deeper. What are there biggest pain points in their business? For example, do they have a good product or service, but lack a marketing strategy. If you're a fitness coach, a pain point of your client could be that they lack accountability in sticking with a workout plan. If you dig a little deeper, you could find out that they need accountability because they lack self-motivation, which is why they hired you!

Next, what is your ideal client afraid of?  To use my above example, maybe your workout client is afraid of gaining weight, poor self esteem, health problems, etc. 

By addressing their fears and empathizing with them, they will begin to know, like and trust you. This is EVERYTHING. When this happens, you've not only gained those three things, you've likely gained a forever fan. And forever fans refer people to you, which is honestly where we get a lot of our business. 

So, we've got an idea of your ideal client, what they desire for themselves, and their pain points, but now comes the BIGGIE.

What is holding them back?

There's a reason this client has not invested in something to solve their pain point. It could be lack of funds, money mindset issues, lack of clarity, fear of delegation. As a coach, entrepreneur, etc, this is where your expertise really has to come through. You have to figure out what is REALLY holding them back, because A) they likely don't know and B) it's not currently one of their pain points.  You've got to connect the dots. 

For example, I am also a fitness instructor and have helped many women with their health and fitness goals with customized workout plans. I've had multiple ladies come to me wanting a change, so we will sit down write out their goals, what they have access to and I will write them a workout plan to do. I check in with them daily to make sure they are sticking with it. I've had a few ladies fail to do the workouts at all, even after paying me for it! And here's why, their real problem that is holding them back is lack of self motivation. They would rather stay the same than challenge themselves. And once I realized that, I got very specific about who I would and would not work with.

Lastly, what are their goals? What do they dream about for their business or their life? What things do they want to accomplish this year? In 5 years?  

Now, here's where the real magic comes in...Based on all these things, it's your job to determine if your services, products, etc can help them. Hopefully you've already gone through this process on a sheet of paper before talking to a person because it will be crystal clear when you know exactly who you serve, what they struggle with and how you can help them.

We aren't meant to be all things to all people. So don't be discouraged if it's not a good fit. You'd be unhappy and so would they. 

But figuring out your ideal client will help you create products and services for your business, help you write emails, and how you will determine what your next program should be.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or want to share your experience finding your ideal client.

Do you know your ideal clients inside out? Let me know!  Know someone who could benefit from this post? Share away!

Kelli Tobin