The Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

Does it drive you crazy trying to figure out how to grow your Instagram account without going nuts yourself?  

Too many people come to us and want more followers, more likes, but don't want to spend the time doing what will really count to grow their influence on Instagram.

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Anymore, likes really don't matter. Followers don't really matter much either. Sure, there's certain things you can "unlock" with more followers like the ability to put in a swipe up link in Insta-stories, but to really grow your account the right way, here's our top 3 recommendations:

1. Good Content - Do you post about yourself? Is your account full of your product or service? Rethink what you post. Add value to every single post. Give tips. Be a page that people want to come to because you have good stuff going on.

2. Good Connections - If someone comments on your post, do you respond? You should! Instagram is where friendships are being built based around certain hashtags, stories, and posts. Being willing to take time to comment on others' posts and truly engage on photos that give YOU value as well.

3. Good Stories - How often do you let stories roll on your phone while doing other things? Stories are where it's at right now. You add your location to your stories (which helps others following that location to follow you), add fun GIFs, and hashtags where people can find you as well. Plus the shortness of the stories lets people get to know you without having to scroll through your entire account. 

If you can capture someone with a fun story, quality content, and by responding to every DM or comment you get, you will quickly grow a following of quality fans and potential leads. It takes a little extra time to comment, do stories, and post more than fluff, but doesn't running a business take a little work?!

What's your favorite thing about Instagram right now? Leave us your handle so we can follow you!

Kelli Tobin