How to Send a Facebook Message and Land a Job!

Being a virtual assistant, while full of perks, can be difficult to explain. Especially to your family and friends.

" do what? And people pay you for that?!"

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These kinds of questions are par for the course in this online business world. But, we have some ways to let people know what you do, why you're doing it, and maybe even land you your first job!

1. Be Real in Your Explanation - Don't try to "talk shop" by telling people you're a "social media manager" or you write email campaigns. Trust me, they won't get it. But explain your job the way it was explained to you. "I write content for online business owners and plan out their posts in their Facebook groups and on Instagram."

2. Tell Them Your Why - There's nothing wrong with sending a message to some close friends or to your family about why you're starting this job or business. Think about why you like doing what you're doing. What you hope to accomplish with your business and how. And ask for their support. Whether it be by forwarding your info to business owners they know or praying for you as you start out, give them an action to take other then not responding to you.

3. Ask for an Opportunity - I touched on this in #2, but don't be afraid to reach out to people who have online businesses. Don't be weird or spammy and tell your life story and why you're a VA now, but simply tell them your why (#2 from above) and then ask if they need any help in their own business or tell them you'd be willing to learn and take some things off their plate on a trial basis. You may even be able to trade services with some businesses. 

4. Be Confident in Your Approach - Regardless of if you're telling your friends and family in person or sending some cold call messages to people online, be confident in what you can do for them. Bottom line is, they may be support you, but they won't work with you unless there is value in it for them. So explain exactly what you can do for them to save them time, money or headaches in their business. 

For us, we've found little success in sending bulk messages to people. They get those all the time. You have to stand out. You have to do something different. My strategy is to send 5 messages a week starting out until I have 1-5 clients who I work with on a regular basis.  I relate to them in my initial message, maybe mentioning our shared interest of something, asking how their kids are, or complimenting their business. I think of business owners I already support and people I already know and like and reach out to them first. Don't stress when you sit down to write. Just be yourself. You may write 25 messages until someone responds that they need you, but from my experience, it's a domino effect after that first job!  

Good luck and start reaching out today!


Kelli Tobin