How to Develop a Productive Morning Routine


As business owners + work-at-home mamas, we know how hard it is to get into a good routine, while still maintaining that flexibility that we wanted when we decided to pursue entrepreneurship. I mean, is it even POSSIBLE to have a routine when kids are involved?

We find it especially difficult to keep up our routines and schedule as work at home moms, but there is ONE THING that we depend on daily to help set us up for success, both as a mama + as a business owner.


We truly believe that having a morning routine that is ANCHORED into your day (more on that in a minute) can set your day up for success + help you be more productive than you thought was possible.

Here are our 3 tips for setting up an AM routine that you can stick to over the long term (including in the busy summer months)...

1. Write out exactly what needs to happen in the morning.

It is SO easy for our morning to get away from us. Especially when we hit the snooze button 15 times in a row. I personally HATE the feeling of being rushed in the morning, and this typically happens when I don’t have a PLAN on what needs to happen in the morning.

Before you go to bed the night before, write down exactly what needs to happen.

Do you need to make the bed?

Pack the kids lunch?

Start a load of laundry?

Empty the dishwasher?

Shower, workout, work your business, etc.?

WRITE IT DOWN the night before - and then figure out what time you would need to get up in order to get that all done.

2. Prepare the night before to make the AM less stressful.

Let’s piggyback off the last tip… what can you do the night before to prepare for your morning + make the morning a little less stressful. Obviously, writing down what needs to happen is a start, but is there anything you can do the night (or even the day) before?

Both of us put out our workout clothes the night before so we don’t wake our husbands up when we get up to workout (actually, Kristen SLEEPS in her workout clothes). You could also make lunch the night before, or stick a load of clothes in the washer.

Whatever you can do to prepare ahead of time, the better!

3. Be flexible!

Look… things don’t always go as planned. Your kids wake up in the middle of your workout + you have to cut it short. You forgot that it’s “Muffins with Mom” at your daughter’s school so you need to make sure you are 100% ready before you go (and yes, this 100% happened). You oversleep. Your kids get sick.

Give yourself some grace. If you need to skip over something on your morning routine, the world is not going to come to an end! You are HUMAN. Tomorrow is a new day to start fresh!

And because we wanted to make sure you had an idea of what our morning routines look like, here is what we do every single day…


5:15 Get up, get ready for workout

5:30 Run, lift weights or lead 2x a week bootcamp

6:30 Coffee run (or make it at home), read 1 chapter of my book, finish professional development podcast

7:30 Make kids breakfast, take shower, get ready for the day

8:30 Check email, do 2-3 mindless business tasks I can complete while my kids play


4:45 Get up, brush teeth, potty, get ready for workout

5AM Workout (either at home or at the gym)

6AM Power Hour (grab our #Mamapreneur Business Checklist to see the tasks I do during this time)

7AM Shower + get the kids ready for the day (clothes, breakfast, teeth brushed)

8AM-8:30 Breakfast + get the kids to school (obviously I skip that in the summer)

My morning routine is one of my Anchor Tasks - something that I do every single day and is pretty non-negotiable. A lot of times, I have to work my Anchor Tasks around my kids’ schedules, but knowing what needs to be done in the morning helps me keep these non-negotiables on my schedule every single day.

We hope this helps you establish some great habits as part of your morning routine! We’d love to here in the comments what your morning routine looks like!

Kristen Van Horn