How to Plan Your Content

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The biggest struggle we have - as well as the majority of our clients - is our content.

What to post.

When to post.

How to engage your audience.

Which platform is best.

Live versus stories versus posts.

The list goes on + on.

However, our goal at The Biz Runners is to help you SIMPLIFY your business - INCLUDING your content. While we do help our clients a lot when it comes to content, we also feel that it’s best for YOU to be the face behind your brand and that your audience hears YOUR voice. So, we want to help you make content creation second nature - and FUN! Because really, content is the heart + soul of our business! It should be the thing you look forward to doing since it’s how you get NOTICED!

To start, let’s chat about how to PLAN your content!

Like the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. How often do you sit down to post something on Facebook or Instagram and you’ve just got NUTHIN?! It’s THE WORST, right?! You feel uninspired and unmotivated to get a post up, and so you end up going days or WEEKS without posting a single thing.

Something you should know about promoting yourself on social media...


Does this mean you need to post every day? Not at all. It just means you need to have a PLAN for when you are going to post that works for YOU.

For example, our posting schedule looks like this…

  • Monday morning + evening

  • Tuesday morning + evening

  • Wednesday evening

  • Thursday morning + evening

  • Friday morning

  • Saturday + Sunday OFF

This schedule allows us to be consistent when we post. We know when we need to have a post go up and can PLAN AHEAD to make sure we are prepared. The goal for social media is to post 4-7 times per week, so figure out a way to make that work for you, whether it’s posting 1x per day, every other day, or 2x per day 3 or 4 days per week. It’s totally up to YOU, but just make sure you are CONSISTENT!

OK, so that’s the easy part… You have a PLAN, but WHAT DO YOU POST?!

There are really 2 schools of thought on how to do this, and we (Kelli + Kristen) both operate from different schools.

Kelli plans out her content based on how she wants her Instagram feed to look (if you don’t use The Gram, then this doesn’t apply to you as much). She looks at her grid and knows what she wants to post visually and then plans her captions around the visuals. Kristen, however, plans her captions first and then chooses a picture that fits her caption + her feed. It’s totally up to you how you decide to plan this out.

When you have figured out how to plan out your posts, the content is going to be up to YOU + YOUR BRAND. We teach our clients to determine what they’re “pillars” of their business and brand are. For example, if you are a fitness coach, maybe you post workouts + nutrition tips, but your audience also loves hearing about your family or another hobby you have. Kristen’s pillars for her personal business (The Concrete Runner) are health/fitness/running, family, motivation/inspiration, business, and self-care. Choose 3-5 pillars and then plan your content - using the schedule you just created - using those pillars!

We would LOVE to know…

When are your going to post + what are your 3-5 pillars?! Comment below + let us know!

Kristen Van Horn