Productivity Tip: Move Your Business Forward in Under an Hour a Day

Running a business from home is not easy, nor ideal. I realize it’s not for everyone, but if you’re reading this, maybe you are thinking about how to get it all done as a mom, wife, business owner, and woman. Or maybe you are considering making a little extra money from home but can’t quite figure out the logistics for it.

First off, start by establishing a morning routine. You can read more about that here. A morning routine sets a tone and pace for the day, your family and what you will (or won’t) get done in your home life and for your business.

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When you get that “power hour” established where you can fully devote time to your business, it’s important to set yourself up for success and getting the most done that you can in that time frame.  That means, 100% devotion to your business during your productivity time.

For your productivity time to truly be “productive,” here’s my top tips for getting more done for your business in under an hour each day:

1. Set a Timer - Setting a timer will keep you honest to working for only the allotted time you’ve given to your business.  When time is up, wrap up for you’re doing and be done.  This will help you set family time and explain to your kids or husband how you’re working and for how long.

2. Get 3 Tasks Done - Write out the three tasks you MUST get done for that day, whether it’s for clients or writing a blog post you’ve been neglecting and make sure you get those done during your hour of time.

3. Work on One Tab at a Time - I’m a Tab Queen.  I have like….18 tabs open at once.  I can easily get distracted and bounce around from tab to tab.  Some stuff is productive, but Amazon is a tab that I may open during my set business hours.  Open one tab and stick with that. You’ll be more focused on your task list and will put out higher quality work.

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4. Find Your Ideal Work Environment - Some people thrive on John Mayer in the background while they work. Others need it absolutely quiet. I like it to be quiet but don’t mind if my son is playing quietly in the same room.  For some of us, it’s impossible to have absolutely no distractions. Work in the best place for you, on any particular day.

5. Be flexible - Some days, my power hour turns into a “power 15” because my littlest refused to nap.  So I will rearrange my day and either work when the kids go to bed (foregoing a little Netflix time) or get up earlier the next day to get some things done.  

Here’s the truth...If we don’t set boundaries for ourselves, we’ll end up lost in our ba-zillion tabs, writing a blog post, ordering new shoes on Amazon Prime, and scheduling social media graphics for a client...and the ball’s going to drop somewhere, at some point. We can get sloppy with our VA work, or honestly, just not get as much done.  

How can you cut out the fluff in your biz and get more done with the little time you have??


Kelli Tobin