3 Ways to Get Things Done When Your Routine Goes Out the Window

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What do you do when your morning routine goes out the window?

Maybe the kids are sick, the car had to be dropped off or the baby needs extra snuggling. What do you do when you have a mile long to-do list but your morning routine is shot?

Don’t freak out, y’all! Your business will survive and you might even thrive on a little less time being glued to your computer or phone. But if you’re a “cross off the list” kind of person, here’s my top 3 tips:

1. Prioritize Client Work

Now is not the time to dig deep into your list to create content, an email series, and write a blog post. Client works is always first. Check in with your FB groups, respond to emails and so forth. 

2. Think in Time Blocks

I love my morning routine but I used to be so regimented that if one thing was off, I couldn’t get anything done. Instead, I create a small list of things to get done in a block of time rather than at exactly 8 am. For example, I know that between 9 am and 12 pm, I need to put a load of laundry in, post in 2 Facebook groups for clients, and check emails. BOOM! Done, and whatever else I get done is a bonus for the block.

3. Get Your Top 3 “Must Get Done” tasks done

You’re just not going to crush that to-do list every single day because life happens. Your business will still grow and flourish even if you have a “slow” day, but try to get at least the top 3 most important tasks done on your list. For example, is a potential client waiting on a proposal or response, go ahead and get that done. Are you out of clean undies? Go on girl, do that laundry. 🤣

We all have routines we love to love, but remember, you have a business because it’s flexible! And if you’re still drowning in to-dos, we’d love to chat with YOU! Go ahead and schedule a 30-minute virtual coffee chat with us (your coffee is on US) and let’s strategize how we can make that to-do list more systemized - or help you with any other struggle in your business!

Kristen Van Horn