Save Time with Social Media Scheduling

If you have an online business, odds are you'll want a strong social media presence. And when we do social media audits for our clients, the issue of creating content in a timely manner is always a pain point for them. Everyone thinks you need to show up every day (you do!) but that doesn't mean it has to be live! Scheduling your content ahead of time leaves you the freedom to grow your page or group organically by commenting, going Live, and engaging with your audience. 

We have several programs and apps we can use right from our phones to stay consistent and maintain an outstanding page and keep our readers coming back for more.

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Here's what we use:
- Google Drive - we create a weekly doc that coordinates with our monthly content calendar. We have set themes each day and a focus for the week. We all have access to it so our team members can add their individual content for the week and our VA knows when it's ready to be scheduled. This is also what we use for our clients to share photos, content, and their program files.

Canva - We use stock photos from @the_ivorymix and @rachelrouhana or pics of ourselves because your audience wants to feel connected with you! We love Canva for creating our graphics each week. If you don't know where to start, use a Canva template and go from there. Go for clean lines, and use your brand colors when possible.

- Facebook + Later - We schedule directly into Facebook for optimization and use the Later App for Instagram. We make sure to show up each day in both accounts to comment, engage, and talk to our followers. It's not good enough to have "likes" anymore. You've got to be engaging in your social media to stand out. Facebook loves live video and when you get more comments on posts. So keep sharing!  I also love how Later can give you insights to best posting times.

Because we've had our system in place since Day 1, we very quickly hired a VA to do our scheduling and some graphic creation each week!  When you have a system, you cut down on time and money!

Which of these apps is your fav?!

Kelli Tobin