How to Get Inspired for What to Post on Social Media

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A lot of the women we work with struggle with social media content. Not that they’re not any good at it - that’s far from true. But, many of them get to the point where they’re just not inspired by anything and have no idea what to post about.

So, they don’t.

If there’s one secret to social media it’s this: CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Which means, when you are totally uninspired and lacking motivation to post, many of us fall off the wagon and end up posting nothing for days at a time.

If you are selling on social media, you have got to be consistent with it. People want to hear from YOU! They want to see YOU! And when you don’t show up, well, people are going to stop following. You’re going to stop showing up in their feeds. And for most of us who don’t have millions of followers, that’s really not going to help with our bottom line of running a business.

Here are some of our tips on what to do when you’re not feeling inspired or motivated to post:

1. Have a content calendar.

I know, I know. You are a “fly by the seat of your pants” person and don’t want to have everything scheduled out. That’s FINE. Many times, we are that way too.

But, there is something to say about having a social media PLAN in the form of a content calendar. At the beginning of every month, I sit down and write out prompts for what I want to talk about. For example, I know that I want to generate new business leads once or twice each week, so I make sure that I write down when I am going to do a lead generator post. Or, maybe I love sharing quotes, so I write down when I will share a quote each week or so.

Now that you have a plan + method to your madness, you know that if you come to a day where you’re feeling completely uninspired, you have an IDEA of what to talk about and can still SHOW UP.

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2. Figure out your pillars.

OK, so maybe this needs to come before the content calendar, but if you don’t have this figured out, it might be hard to figure out what to include in your content calendar.

The last thing you or ANYONE else wants to do is pitch your services every freaking post. You don’t want to annoy people and that’s the NUMBER ONE way to turn someone off of your business. There’s gotta be a balance to what you post. It doesn’t have to be a perfect balance, but you can’t push your product or service all the freaking time.

So, what are the topics you WANT to talk about? What are the topics your audience resonates with the most? Come up with 3-5 things that you can rotate through to talk about every single day.

Here are some examples:

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Workouts or exercises

  • Family

  • Health

  • Business

  • Self-care

  • Lifestyle

  • Running

  • Social media

  • Personal development

And that’s just ideas from the clients we work with personally. The ideas are endless! But, figure out what are the topics you like to share the most about and start rotating through those content ideas!

3. Find inspiration!

Now that you have a content calendar AND ideas on what you want to talk about, you might still be feeling stuck. (Hi… this is me A LOT…) Now is the time to find some inspiration.

Here are some ideas of where you can look to be inspired on what to post:

  • Look around your house - What are you reading? What’s on your table? What’s “giving you life right now”? Ask what others are reading in a post.

  • Check out your camera roll - Scroll back and share a photo of you that had great lightening or after a good workout. Caption it with an inspirational quote.

  • Scroll IG - But not for mindless scrolling! Look back and what got good engagement (comments), and what IG stories got good traction. We’re betting it’s pics of you or where you got vulnerable in a post.

And it’s OK to reuse content you’ve used in the past. Chances are, most people didn’t see it, and if they did, they probably won’t even remember YOU were the one who posted it and probably needed to hear it again anyway.

Now, go create AMAZING content, girlfriend!

Kristen Van Horn