Improve Your Social Media Presence Without Being Spammy

If you're a female and you're on Facebook or Instagram, you've likely been a part of the "Hey girl" message or text.  It's usually followed by quick pleasantries and then a salesy pitch to buy oil, hair products, or shakes.

While some of these products are great and helpful products, the way we're being pitched to stinks. It's not authentic. It's "anything to make a sale." 

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If you run an online business and are truly passionate about changing lives and helping others by products that have changed your life or services that will benefit others, there's a way to market that doesn't leave others annoyed and running for the door.

Tip #1 - Send Personal Notes to People You Actually Interact With. 

This is one should just be obvious, but I'll go ahead and explain. Don't try to sell stuff to people you haven't talked to or seen in years. If you're just peripheral friends on FB, don't send them a random message to buy your stuff! Reach out to people you already have an established relationship with.

Tip #2 - Be Authentic.

So, if you are the send a message type, explain exactly what you are doing and how it has impacted your life. People don't want to buy shakes. They want to know what drinking the shake will do for them.  So tell them WHY you drink it, or why you offer such and such service. Let them know why they came to your mind, and how it can better their life by investing in your or your product.

Tip #3 - Be Social & Offer Support.

Are you in groups where people sell their products already like a LuLaRoe group or Lipsense?  Comment with value when people have a question needing reader feedback. Be seen in social groups as offering value, being an encourager and seeking to serve others.

The key with marketing is to get your mind in the right place. If you're focused on the dollars, you may be successful at first, but your audience will likely read between the lines on what you're about. There is a way to be authentic, be real, and to have people banging down your door for what you offer.  I promise, if you do marketing in the right way, you'll make the impact you want and get the growth you desire for your business.

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Kelli Tobin