What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

I guess we should start with what a virtual assistant is.  We get this question all.the.time. And I’m not even sure my family knows exactly what I do.

A virtual assistant is someone who works from their home or a remote location and does administrative tasks for other business owners.  This could be contracted work or freelance. Their often specialize and offer work  in administrative, creative or technical services.

But what do I do on a day-to-day basis?  This is where we get into the fun stuff because a VA can do so much! Depending on your strengths and talents, you could offer a wide range of services as a VA.  We went ahead and compiled a small list of services that you could use to start your VA business.

Social Media Manager

Image Curator

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Copy Editor



Video Editing

Ebook Creation

Logo Design


Internet Research

PayPal Set-Up


Calendar Management

Website Integration

Website Design

Website Management

Maybe you used to be a proofreader in college or really enjoyed design, or that’s what your 9-5 job is in...you can definitely add these skills to your VA resume!  This list can overwhelming for sure, so don’t worry if you don’t think you have any viable skills. We guarantee you probably do, and we also structured our VA Training Bootcamp to get you familiar with these tasks and the  platforms you would need to use online.

Another thing to note is that you can start out with just a few basics (and we teach you some high demand skills in the VA training bootcamp) and add to them based on what the client needs. There are tons of trainings out there and Facebook groups that can help you learn new skills. Your skill set can always evolve as you grow.

Start with a small list that you feel comfortable offering to a client and learn as you go. That’s how we did it!  

What things are you going to add to your VA resume?

Kelli Tobin